minisode V - Bob McKenna (Clubhouse on Highland)

This is a magical and inspiring interview with a man who is of the bravest of hearts I have had the pleasure of knowing. Bob McKenna operates the Clubhouse on Highland, an elegant wedding destination in Southside Birmingham, which, we come to find out, also serves as a nexus of loving and expansive endeavors of all kinds during the week. Bob has worked as a clinical psychologist, and according to an unbiased review of one of his wedding clients, is a “prince of a man,” a sentiment I will enthusiastically second. In this interview we talk of struggle, compassion, our pervasive curiosity and hope for the future, and how to form a business and a life around the mission of love. Book your wedding or art show or function of any sweet kind at the Clubhouse on Highland, with links below. 

Music for this episode comes courtesy of my bill-mates at the Nick back in March, the esteemed Polly Panic (Asheville), and Poly Action (Austin). Murder of Jane Crow also joined us, and you can hear all about their work on our own Episode 27. First is Poly Action with their eponymous song recorded live at DZ Studios outside of Chicago in Hickory Hills, IL. After the interview we’ll ride out the feelings with Polly Panic’s cello-monium in the track “Purpose.”

Thank you for listening, as we rejoin you in the interview room at last. To progress, to purpose, to the future. Semper paratus. Welcome back to the Earth Hotel. See you back in the Lobby on Sunday. + + +

Introduction - 0:00:00
“Poly Action” Live at DZ Studios - 0.01.44
Interview with Bob McKenna - 0.04.14
Polly Panic - “Purpose” - 1.11.40


Harbin Hot Springs -

Esalen Institute, Big Sur, CA -

Clubhouse on Highland -

Our blessed and plentiful thanks to Bob for being a part of our experience here. Mahalo.

minisode T - Pataphysical Freakout Tour with Joel Nelson

Thank you for listening to the Pataphysical Presentation from the Past, with many thanks to our hosting venues and the newly elected President of West Coast Internal Affairs, Joel Nelson. The trio is Joel Nelson, Ryan Brown, and James Elliot, plus JC, that’s me. 

Joel Nelson:
LaDonna Smith:
Jess Marie Walker:
Eamon Griffith:

The Inner Lobby: CRAYFISH (
Submit sound and other media files to


June 15th - Sanctum Tattoos and Comics
Rodney D. Hasty, Amber Locke Ragsdale, Jess Marie Walker;
Brad Davis and Joel Nelson (Flag Day)
Burning Moon

June 20th - Charm on 2nd
Jacquie Cotillard, Brad Davis + Jess Marie Walker, JNC3+JC

June 23rd - SummerSonic Improvisations at Art Town
LaDonna Smith, Flag Day, Flusnoix

June 23rd - Montevallo Freakout at the Playhouse
Jacquie Cotillard and the Joel Nelson Trio

June 24th - Interstellar Ginger Beer and Exploration Co.
Eamon Griffith, Jacquie Cotillard, Softyglyde, JNC3+JC, Flusnoix

0.00.00- Introduction and Acquiescence
0.02.11 - LaDonna + JNC3+JC: Charm on 2nd
0.09.47 - Flag Day (Joel Nelson +Brad Davis): Sanctum Tattoos and Comics
0.28.26 - JNC3+JC “The 100 Most Psychotic Things Someone Has Searched in 5 Minutes”:: Charm on 2nd
0.32.37 - Invitation to The Inner Lobby
0.33.33 - Ensemble (Joel, Jess Marie, Brad, Jacquie): Art Town
0.48.54 - Eamon Griffith, solo excusions & 
(0.54.12 - Thanks)
0.54.37 -JNC3+JC “Fixing the Plumbing”: 
Interstellar Ginger Beer and Exploration Co.

minisode T.jpg

minisode S - FlusTour, from Flying Monkey to Surrealist Sympatica

The FlusXound spreads through time and our recourse is recording. Here you will find the chronological mix of the journey of this improvisational outfit of many players from Florence, AL through the Southeast back to roost at the closing of LaDonna Smith's exhibit at Art Town in East Lake, the Surrealist Sympatica. 
The Earth Hotel is opening its external doors into the world to bring you an open invitation. As a listener or contributor to any Network program, you are granted operator access on the EH Lobby channel, which begins audio operations on Friday, August 17th. All Lobby presentations are available only on with the password CRAYFISH. (
The first presentations from the Lobby will be 7 randomized mixes of this minisode, out of chronological order. To submit your own show, creative material, or ideas, email your thoughts to You have creative control in the Lobby. 

FLUSTOUR, wherein FLUSNOIX were:
0.00.00 - Flying Monkey in Huntsville, AL (Joel Nelson, Rodney D Hasty, Walker Yancey, Jess Marie Walker
0.22.13 - Go Bar in Athens, GA (Joel, Walker, Rodney, Brent Stauffer, JM)
0.42.13 - End Times Outsider Music and Arts Festival in Rocky Mount, NC (Joel, Jasper Lee, JM)
1.17.39 - The Bakery in Atlanta, GA (Joel, Rodney, Majid Araim, Matt Goethe, JM)
1.36.01 - Fork and Spoon Records Panama City, FL (Joel, Rodney, Scott Bazar, Charles Pagano, JM)
02.02.21- Interstellar Ginger Beer and Exploration Co. (Joel, Brent, Rodney, Walker, Nabeel Emaish, JC, JM)
2.23.45 - Surrealist Sympatica Closing Event (Johnny Coley, Brent, Brad Davis, Clifford McPeek, Wally Shoup, JC, Jimmy Griffin on Camera, JM)

Mixes 2-8 coming on Friday to with password CRAYFISH. Welcome to the Lobby. 

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minisode R - Longform Radio Listener Revue!

We return to the mini-world with music from all over the U.S., our most baffling and myopic home state. Listeners from across the continental sprawl have submitted their recent releases for old-fashioned revue and we send you the sound without too much ado. 
Should you want to skip around, timestamps are provided, but we hope you take time to visit the artists' pages and hear more, and support if you can! You can! Thanks, friends.

0.00.00 - Information Desk and Concierge
0.09.42 - Christien Sullivan - “Welcome (Theme from The Amazing Six)”
0.11.52 - Tony Leon - “Tripper”
0.13.42 - Miss Mojo - “Fall Again”
0.18.17 - Joel Nelson - "Just an Afterthought"
0.29.02 - Dylan Coffee - "Fat man/Little boy"
0.30.24 - Jeff Kujan - “Wildfires (Live)"
0.36.38 - Richard Daniel - "Black Vulcan"
0.40.23 - Rollo - "Healthy Mode”
0.41.59 - Dylan Burchett - “Floor-to-Ceiling Corner Shelves”
0.48.42 - Aradaba - "tchotchke"
0.53.06 - Dead Neighbors - “Indifference”
0.59.45 - Lowell Haygood III - "Take Two”

This week's art is titled "Kyleidescope Vortex" from Kyle Weems, (of Cahaba, guest on EH 12)

Kyleidescope Vortex.png

SSDS1416+13B (Zercon: A Flagpole Sitter) Pt. 1

We return to our oft-neglected Scott Walker analysis series with the first of three in-depth breakdowns of his 21-minute opus on his album BISH BOSCH, "SDSS1416+13B (Zercon, A Flagpole Sitter)". 
The next two Tuesdays will pursue us into additional hours on this subject. 
Relevant links below!