Episode 34 Pt. 1 - Milton of THEM NATIVES (and much more...)

This man Milton has had a varied career and an expansive experiences in the fringes of rock n roll, and he has emerged blessed, motivated, and shining from the glow of worship. We speak for almost two hours about the mysticism of music, the underlying structures of our collective meaning, and what exactly it is about valleys that collects eccentric people with excessive energy. One of my all-time favorite conversations. Features music from across Milton's journey, and you can find much more of it below:


Stay tuned later this month for part II, with Robert Anton Wilson analysis and more music!

0.00.00 - Introduction + "A New Breed of Rat" - Silver Reich
0.07.52 - Interview Pt.1
0.38.47 - "Awesun (Mighty Sun)" - Burning Moon
0.46.49 - Interview Pt. 2
1.16.53 - "Ancient Mem'ries" - Them Natives
1.36.46 - Interview Pt. 3
1.51.20 - "A New Breed of Rat" (Reprise) - Silver Reich



minisode M - ANTIFEST Promo Playlist

This is a minisode dedicated to the good people of ANTIFEST 2017.
I'm sharing this anti-playlist curated by Lindsey Shante (Pushi, Little Girl, Helen of Coi), for the fringe music anti-festival created by Chance Bridges (Balcony View). I sat down with both of them in the pre-festival days to speak with them about this undertaking.

Come to Season of the Witch, the third installment of BIRMINGHAM ANTIFEST, sponsored by Revelator Coffee, at Art Town Station: 7611 1st Ave N, Birmingham, Alabama 35206

Facebook event: https://www.facebook.com/events/1589311711163674/

The Earth Hotel will be presenting a live podcast at the real evnet featuring bizarre sounds and guests Shannon Ellis (Matchi, poet and artist), and Celeste Pfau, (multidimensional artist).

0.00.00 - Brief intro and dates
0.03.52 - "Solitude" - Balcony View
0.11.56 - "Golden Me" - Prism Lord
0.15.17 - "Ghosts" - Captain Kudzu
0.19.30 - "Mission" - Minerals
0.26.48 - Interview with Curators Chance Bridges and Lindsey Shante
0.56.10 - "Sludgehammer" - Agriflex
1.01.27 - "Lost Together" - Vice Right
1.06.38 - "Safe Area" - Empathic Window

mini M antifest.jpg