minisode S - FlusTour, from Flying Monkey to Surrealist Sympatica

The FlusXound spreads through time and our recourse is recording. Here you will find the chronological mix of the journey of this improvisational outfit of many players from Florence, AL through the Southeast back to roost at the closing of LaDonna Smith's exhibit at Art Town in East Lake, the Surrealist Sympatica. 
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FLUSTOUR, wherein FLUSNOIX were:
0.00.00 - Flying Monkey in Huntsville, AL (Joel Nelson, Rodney D Hasty, Walker Yancey, Jess Marie Walker
0.22.13 - Go Bar in Athens, GA (Joel, Walker, Rodney, Brent Stauffer, JM)
0.42.13 - End Times Outsider Music and Arts Festival in Rocky Mount, NC (Joel, Jasper Lee, JM)
1.17.39 - The Bakery in Atlanta, GA (Joel, Rodney, Majid Araim, Matt Goethe, JM)
1.36.01 - Fork and Spoon Records Panama City, FL (Joel, Rodney, Scott Bazar, Charles Pagano, JM)
02.02.21- Interstellar Ginger Beer and Exploration Co. (Joel, Brent, Rodney, Walker, Nabeel Emaish, JC, JM)
2.23.45 - Surrealist Sympatica Closing Event (Johnny Coley, Brent, Brad Davis, Clifford McPeek, Wally Shoup, JC, Jimmy Griffin on Camera, JM)

Mixes 2-8 coming on Friday to with password CRAYFISH. Welcome to the Lobby. 

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