Episode 49 - Calliope Pettis

The seat across the from the Operator desk is filled this week by Calliope Pettis, a songwriter and performer from the old Montevallo days who has come into her own since those Eclipse Open Mic nights. To recap after a joint gig at Tropicaleo in Birmingham, and in preparation for her appearance at Fork and Spoon Recordings in Panama City Beach, we sat down and had a vibrant chat about music, creativity, and breaking into new expressive territory.

Links: Meredith Monk - meredithmonk.org
PCB: Moonlodge Cafe - facebook.com/moonlodgecafe/
Fork and Spoon: forkandspoonrecordings.bandcamp.com
Calliope Instagram: calliope9muse.ic
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCuPJTfliSTdWat-5z6XJuEw
John. E. Funk and the Skunks - theskunks.band
The Inner Lobby channel: theearthhotel.org/the-inner-lobby

0.00.00 - NuMusal Retentive Calliope Music
0.05.19 - Calliope in the Mountains
0.06.18 - Opening monologue
0.09.25 - Dates
0.13.02 - "Strange Little Genius"
0.16.29 - Interview with CP
1.06.25 - "Syncopation Psychonation"
1.08.45 - Freddie v. Vicious fact-check and Eclipse reminiscing
1.24.44 - Bar Sticker "Give It Up"
1.29.11 - “The Smoke Off” by Shel Silverstein
1.34.30 - INNER LOBBY #2 - From the Desk of the Operator, Nightwatch (9-15-73)

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Episode 41 - Alesha Dawson of Screen Door Review

The heat death swinging is all over and we return! There might be flies on you but there ain't no files that ain't backed up now so we can continue on the road of vantage seeking. My guest this week is a friend and former professor from my days in Montevallo, Alesha Dawson, who has gathered her own forces of words to bring forth the Screen Door Review, a quarterly compendium of Southern queer voices. We speak about medieval literature, the collegiate system, functions of learning, and how words have speakable power. 

Screen Door Review's first issue is online now! 

0.00.00 - The Wanderer - Old English poem
0.06.42 - Opening monologue
0.12.07 - Alesha Dawson interview
1.10.40 - "Virile Corpses and Ridiculous Notions from a Bangkok Floor" (from Songbook Hypnoses)
1.20.26 - Personal Montevallo stories from the road
1.30.29 - "File Caught a Flip" (demo)
1.32.57 - "Ish Kabibble" - Pete Markush, Brent Stauffer, Lee Waites, and JC
1.41.27 - Viewer Mail
1.42.31 - "From a Pig to Mr. Pie" - Joel Nelson, Dylan Burchett

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Episode 40 - Wess Gregg of Sanctum Tattoos and Comics

We're back! I am your unread porter abiding over a rack. The socialist backspace corrects a thrust across each mortal sequel. The nearby trolley apologizes across a concatenate beast. Oh, how our shame pauses beside the melody!
You are returning to reenter the Earth Hotel as if you ever left.

Tue - Sat: 12 PM - 8 PM
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For tattoo inquires:
Aaron - Aaronhamiltontattoos@gmail.com
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For comic book inquires: sanctumtattoosandcomics@gmail.com

(205) 201-6862
4410 B 4th Ave South
Birmingham, AL 35222


Kill or Be Killed:

CACHE #2 is now available (for a limited time) at Sanctum! Rush and find it!

Bar Sticker Band of the Week series begins now with The Handsome Scoundrels from Mobile, AL. 

0.00.00 - HELLO from CHEW
0.01.06 - Invocation of the Oracle (From Metamorphoses, The Sibyl and Aeneas)
0.05.02 - Open sound: An Excerpt from the NSAID Vapor Library
0.06.21 - Intro from Jacquie
0.10.06 - Matchi Live at Syndicate Lounge - Untitled
0.14.45 - Cult of Skydog: "Go!!! No Wait!" (Breonna Taylor, Joel Nelson, Dylan Burchett)
0.20.59 - "Burroughs on Opie" (from NSAID Phase 2, 71 AN)
0.23.13 - Art Analysis Announcement! Scott Walker Series + They Might Be Giants
0.28.37 - The Handsome Scoudrels - "Sweetie Pox"
0.30.13 - Wess Gregg interview
1.18.00 - Untitled Piano Interlude
1.19.30 - Personal Talking about Compassion and Echoes


Episode 38 - Dan Sartain

My Self and the man called Dan sat down in his lovely homestead to discuss the music thing we do and our hopes and prayers for liberty loving people everywhere. It's a great discussion featuring music selections from Dan, the Dizzy, and an old archive version of myself. Enjoy!

0.00.00 - Welcome! from The Sponsor
0.02.07 - Invocation of St. Syemon
0.06.06 - Viewer Mail! 
0.09.05 - "The World Is Gonna Break Your Little Heart" - Dan Sartain
0.11.04 - Interview with Dan
0.42.49 - "Walk Among the Cobras Pt. 1"
0.45.58 - Dan pt. 2
1.47.59 - "Moonlight Swim"
1.50.08 - Teaser for Scott Walker analysis: "Zercon, A Flagpole Sitter"
1.51.23 - "Don't Worry Kyoko (Mommy's Only Looking for Her Hand in the Snow)" by Yoko Ono (JC cover)
1.55.02 - "What's the Ugliest Part of Your Body? + Frank's Nightmare" - the Dizzy Live! at Cha Cha's Lounge

Episode 38.jpg

Episode 37 - Indie Pop-Up Record Shop Live! @ Revelator Coffee

The Earth Hotel was pleased as peaches to host the Indie Pop-Up Record Shop at Revelator Coffee on December 16th, and played witness to a myriad of talents and smiling faces who spoke sounds with me about their craft and lives. Join us! Musical samples abound throughout! Find the esteemed artists in the links below - - -

0.00.00 - You are inside of it... 
0.01.34 - “Cain Carving Finger” - An unknown invocation
0.06.14 - Intro + Caleb G from Pink Pyramids
0.15.43 - "Who Cares" - Pink Pyramids
0.19.54 - "Di Di Mau" - the Dizzy
0.26.58 - the Dizzy
0.30.49 - "Riverchase Galleria" - Ha Ha Mart
0.34.14 - Holly Waxwing and Isabell of Noumenal Loom Records
0.42.08 - "¯\_(ツ)_/¯" - Holly Waxwing
0.49.19 - Words from the Sponsor: "Jacquie 10 and Mr. Clean"
(and "Bobo's advice" by William S. Burroughs)
0.52.14 - "Excerpt from a Composition Accompanying Human Extinction" - Balcony View
0.57.54 - Chance Bridges of Balcony View
1.09.33 - "Promeefeus" - Adam Bomb
1.11.04 - "Sweet 200" - Urbandy
1.12.46 - Charlie Brown of Step Pepper Records
1.23.38 - "Snow Paralysis" - Omari Jazz
1.27.00 - "Suketo City" - Matchi
1.29.33 - "Moment" - Little Girl
1.33.50 - Lindsey Shante of Little Girl
1.42.53 - “Noface” -Jack Vogt  
1.45.00 - “Autopilot” - Now I Am Become Death
1.47.44 - “Pretend feat. Jas'mine Garfield” - Tyler Ambrosius

Pink Pyramids:

the Dizzy:

Noumenal Loom:

Holly Waxwing:

Balcony View:

Step Pepper Records:

Little Girl: