minisode U - "Everything Is Followed By Something" - Thesis by Joel Nelson


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minisode M - ANTIFEST Promo Playlist

This is a minisode dedicated to the good people of ANTIFEST 2017.
I'm sharing this anti-playlist curated by Lindsey Shante (Pushi, Little Girl, Helen of Coi), for the fringe music anti-festival created by Chance Bridges (Balcony View). I sat down with both of them in the pre-festival days to speak with them about this undertaking.

Come to Season of the Witch, the third installment of BIRMINGHAM ANTIFEST, sponsored by Revelator Coffee, at Art Town Station: 7611 1st Ave N, Birmingham, Alabama 35206

Facebook event:

The Earth Hotel will be presenting a live podcast at the real evnet featuring bizarre sounds and guests Shannon Ellis (Matchi, poet and artist), and Celeste Pfau, (multidimensional artist).

0.00.00 - Brief intro and dates
0.03.52 - "Solitude" - Balcony View
0.11.56 - "Golden Me" - Prism Lord
0.15.17 - "Ghosts" - Captain Kudzu
0.19.30 - "Mission" - Minerals
0.26.48 - Interview with Curators Chance Bridges and Lindsey Shante
0.56.10 - "Sludgehammer" - Agriflex
1.01.27 - "Lost Together" - Vice Right
1.06.38 - "Safe Area" - Empathic Window

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Episode 33 - Loi Loi (from Washington D.C.)

The voice has come back and it tells us that there's a new episode of the Earth Hotel. You know that now, however unlikely it was you made it here without knowing that. The voice does not lie. This week we welcome the duo Loi Loi to the city of Birmingham, the Red Mountain's own melting valley, and they found it to their liking. The electronic pair made a stellar impression on the folks of the Syndicate Lounge, and we sat about within the Soft Rock Bungalow for an interview about their debut EP Viva la Vulva, which you can preview here and truly hear below.

Dec. 6 @ Art Town - Antifest - the Earth Hotel Live! w/ Shannon Ellis and Celeste Pfau
Dec. 8 @ SRB - Frozen Yogurt, KYLE, the Dizzy, Jacquie Cotillard
Dec. 9 @ Art Town - Jacquie Cotillard performance at The Beautiful and the Hideous
Group Show #17
Dec. 15 @ Location TBA: Earth Hotel Christmas Party and First Lobby Podcast
Dec. 16 @ Revelator Coffee - EH Live! at Indie Pop Up Record Shop
Dec. 19 @ Nick - Steel City Jug Slammers, the Dizzy, Queer Ren Faire Dance Party,
Poppy Fields
Dec. 29 @ SRB - Top Shelf Burlesque w/ music TBA

0.00.00 - The Raving Radio Relcomes You //
0.02.23 - Opening Statements, Announcements, Dates //
0.15.14 - LOI LOI: "You May Be" //
0.19.12 - & "Responsibilidades" //
0.22.05 - EH House Band: "Crumbly Cabaret" //
0.23.59 - Loi Loi Interview - Kristie and Johnny //
(break song: "Habit That Kick Man" - JC archive) //
1.16.35 - Poem from Re/Act (yr 70) - "Swim in the Road" //
1.18.20 - State of the Show news //

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Episode 27 - The Murder of Jane Crow

This episode belongs to the witchy, moving, darkly funny trio of ladies known as The Murder of Jane Crow. They visited the EH studio to talk about their history, songwriting, interest in the thriving downfall of humanity, and the joy that can be found within decadent camaraderie. Bonus part II of the episode is a lengthy dissertation by your graceless host about an upcoming proposed Birmingham City Ordinance that's currently scaring my pants off. 

You can find all the DEETS about MJC below, and be sure to check the dates to see them live.
Saturday Sept. 23 - Syndicate Lounge w/ Mothface and the Vorpal Sword
Friday Oct. 13 - Evol Ink Tattoos
Friday Oct. 27 - Red Hills Brewery
Saturday Oct 28 - Halloween show at the Nick w/ Leaderdog
Friday Nov. 3 - Oak Hills Cemetary (Bards and Brews)

across the basin, a pillbox jigger messily coiffures
in the wind, the moniker ripcord thwack might send the priapic cisterns giddily disgorging

Monday Sept 25 - 8pm Goulash Comedy - Shane Torres @ Goulash Comedy
Tuesday Sept. 26 - 10pm Battito at the Nick with Blake Berglund
Friday Sept. 29 - The Yellow Dandies at Oasis 9pm
Saturday Sept. 30 - Cahaba at Crestwood Tavern 9pm

Equality Alabama event page:
Text of the ordinance proposal:
Public Hearing and Media Message training:

0.00.00 - Jacquie's Wacky Welcome //
0.01.27 - The Riffing of Redrum //
0.02.04 - Dates and News! //
0.10.32 - "Whipping Post" //
0.12.50 - "My Lobotomy" //
0.16.57 - Murder of Jane Crow interview //
0.49.46 - "Intermezzo" //
0.52.01 - Thank Yous and Intro to Editorial Rant //
0.54.42 - On Ordinance to Establish Bham Human Rights Committee //
2.07.24 - Actual outro //*

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Announcement and News Redundancies

Greetings friends! 

We would like to formally announce the end of our second season. Fatal equipment failure has brought us to an opportune end, and we will take the break to re-establish a base of operations and line up a new round of substantial, interesting, and high-fidelity programming in our shared future. Season 3 will begin in mid-August with an interview with Joel Nelson. HOWEVER! We do have a special coming next week featuring the surreal and Lynchian Brooklyn band [A Place Both Wonderful and Strange], in preparation for our joint gig at the Nick on August 15th. Stay in tune for that, and we will return to the air quite soon. Thank you for your continued support, and watch the EH site for major changes incoming. We are in a bizarre process of growth and resurrection. 
- Jacquie Cotillard, Operator

Id imperfectum manet dum confectum erit.

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