minisode I) - New and Old Tunes + Spicy Fight Night

A mix-matching and cross-fading of songs from here and abroad, friends and odd allies.
The Dead Balloons - "Bobby Sykes"
MEMS - "Born in Water"
Vantage Planets - "Back to Ganymede"
Great Smokey - "Ask the Question"
**Bobby Rocknrolls (pt. 2) Live! at Avondale Fight Club 2: The Altercation (featuring MC JT Habersaat)

Dead Balloons:


Vantage Planets/Fork and Spoon Records:

Great Smokey:

JT Habersaat:

**EDIT TIME: I was told the name of the group was "Johnny Rock N Roll" by a bystander, which was confirmed by the singer in a raucous, loud basement. Weeks later, came to find out I was wrong! Thanks for Bobby Rocknrolls for appearing live on the show! They now have stuff online so go check em out and see them around Birmingham!