minisode E) - Springfest Music and JOEL NELSON CHECKS IN

Over the next three weeks, the minisodes will feature music from a promotional Springfest 2017 CD bearing a spread of artists that played the one-day festival in Woodlawn. Our art prayers go to that facility for a prosperous future. This week is a diverse mix of garage sleazy bites, far-out beaty things, and intensely honest crafted rap.

DDITIONALLY to open the show, we are pleased to present our good friend Joel Nelson in a shoutout from Oakland, CA. He was joined by Montevallo and Nina Rat! Nina Rat!'s Lauren Jones, and electronicist Dylan Burchett to form HORSEYSAUCE, and they perform a live rendition of "thickThighs". We love you Horseysauce! Check out the archive page for Montevallo Music podcasts featuring Joel, the Black Power...Ranger!, Nina Rat! Nina Rat!, and al-Qaeda the Gun!.

Magic City of Art (Springfest):

00.00 - Intro \ 
03.17 - Horseysauce - "thickThighs" \ 
12.42 - Songs from Springfest. . . \ 
14.04 - The Dead Balloons - "Stand Up" \ 
17.55 - Brillo - "Cacao Jean" \  
22.58 - Guy Akimoto - "My USB Heart"
26.21 - Snake Church - "Just Talk" \ 
28.29 - Sage Williams - "The War on Drugs" \ 

SO many thanks to you for joining us. This is becoming a bottomless well of happiness in my life and I am deeply grateful to you for being here with me.