minisode W - Andy Jordan

Our friend on the mic this week is Andy, a painter and instructor who joins me in a conversation about the purpose of art and happiness, what down time is for, and why cats are a gift to us all.

0.00.00 - A Message from NSAID, Your Surreal News Service/Episode Introduction
0.05.37 - “Dig to China” - Early James and the Latest
0.09.25 - Interview with Andy Jordan
0.49.54 - ”Dumps Like a Truck” - The Dirty Lungs
0.59.49 - Interview Pt. 2
1.48.18 - “Bundle’s Bolero” - Okapi

Andy Jordan -

Early James and the Latest -
The Dirty Lungs -
Okapi -
musicBham -


Episode 51 - Lil White Bitch (PART TWO)

The sun mocks the void which is home to the Hotel Bardo, and dawns warmly once again on the Earthly office to bring you and interview from Birmingham’s most premier enfants terrible. The collective body of Lil White Bitch, with its many busied limbs, has been pounding on the psychic doors of this city’s citizens at live performances since 2017-72, and released an album on the Earth Libraries label called F+, which is a deep and chunky dive into the tanks of questionable secrets you keep hooked up to the toilets in your house. The sounds you flush don’t go away. There are several prime cuts from F+, invocations of Lono, conventional magick, and a tour of the Endless Bed and Breakfast area of the Earth Hotel on this episode of your Art-Propaganda Podcast for our stricken times. This episode somehow ended up too large to upload, so it’s a two-parter.


Lil White Bitch
IG: @_lil_white_bitch_

Earth Libraries:

The Fork and Spoon (Panama City, FL)

The Earth Hotel/Jacquie Cotillard:
Tw: The_Earth_Hotel
IG: @jc_operator
Video for “Stalking Thru the Bed and Breakfasts”

Further Reading
Hawaiian Mythology -
Martha Beckwith (Yale University Press):

0.00.00 - Call for Questions
0.00.51 - LWB Interview Pt. 2
0.38.59 - Albatross Release Ritual
0.46.09 - “Liquid Damage”
0.50.31 - NSAID Phase III Report 1: Bed, Breakfast - coups diplomatiques a la Murree
1.05.43 - “Water in a Box”


Episode 51 - Lil White Bitch (PART ONE)

The sun mocks the void which is home to the Hotel Bardo, and dawns warmly once again on the Earthly office to bring you and interview from Birmingham’s most premier enfants terrible. The collective body of Lil White Bitch, with its many busied limbs, has been pounding on the psychic doors of this city’s citizens at live performances since 2017-72, and released an album on the Earth Libraries label called F+, which is a deep and chunky dive into the tanks of questionable secrets you keep hooked up to the toilets in your house. The sounds you flush don’t go away. There are several prime cuts from F+, invocations of Lono, conventional magick, and a tour of the Endless Bed and Breakfast area of the Earth Hotel on this episode of your Art-Propaganda Podcast for our stricken times. This episode somehow ended up too large to upload, so it’s a two-parter.


Lil White Bitch
IG: @_lil_white_bitch_

Earth Libraries:

The Fork and Spoon (Panama City, FL)

The Earth Hotel/Jacquie Cotillard:
Tw: The_Earth_Hotel
IG: @jc_operator

Further Reading
Hawaiian Mythology -
Martha Beckwith (Yale University Press):

0.00.00 - wELCOme back, judge.
0.02.29 - Intro to (an Earth Hotel location)
0.04.28 - “Stalking Thru the Beds and Breakfasts (in Zone C of the Earth Hotel)”
0.09.25 - LWB Introduction
0.10.44 - Tarot for LWB and Folks at Home
0.19.06 - LWB Live @ Fork and Spoon Records
0.26.03 - Tax Credit Inner Lobby Spot
0.27.41 - “Crusty Gold”
0.31.22 - Facts About and Song of Lono
0.37.21 - LWB Interview Pt. 1
1.15.35 - “Lil Angry Man”


minisode V - Bob McKenna (Clubhouse on Highland)

This is a magical and inspiring interview with a man who is of the bravest of hearts I have had the pleasure of knowing. Bob McKenna operates the Clubhouse on Highland, an elegant wedding destination in Southside Birmingham, which, we come to find out, also serves as a nexus of loving and expansive endeavors of all kinds during the week. Bob has worked as a clinical psychologist, and according to an unbiased review of one of his wedding clients, is a “prince of a man,” a sentiment I will enthusiastically second. In this interview we talk of struggle, compassion, our pervasive curiosity and hope for the future, and how to form a business and a life around the mission of love. Book your wedding or art show or function of any sweet kind at the Clubhouse on Highland, with links below. 

Music for this episode comes courtesy of my bill-mates at the Nick back in March, the esteemed Polly Panic (Asheville), and Poly Action (Austin). Murder of Jane Crow also joined us, and you can hear all about their work on our own Episode 27. First is Poly Action with their eponymous song recorded live at DZ Studios outside of Chicago in Hickory Hills, IL. After the interview we’ll ride out the feelings with Polly Panic’s cello-monium in the track “Purpose.”

Thank you for listening, as we rejoin you in the interview room at last. To progress, to purpose, to the future. Semper paratus. Welcome back to the Earth Hotel. See you back in the Lobby on Sunday. + + +

Introduction - 0:00:00
“Poly Action” Live at DZ Studios - 0.01.44
Interview with Bob McKenna - 0.04.14
Polly Panic - “Purpose” - 1.11.40


Harbin Hot Springs -

Esalen Institute, Big Sur, CA -

Clubhouse on Highland -

Our blessed and plentiful thanks to Bob for being a part of our experience here. Mahalo.

From the Desk (III-24-74_2019) Inner Lobby Prologue

From the Desk - #1 (III-23-74_2019)

I didn't go away, friends. . . .

As I bring this operation back into equilibrium, I hope that you remain open to the transition. I seek to sew up the gaping wounds in the body of our operation, and help them heal and reform. I have a few practical changes to make:

As we re-establish this remote base of operations, we will be finding active agents and recalling previous contacts to join us in extended conversation, which we will air as independent installments. I want these conversations to be open-ended and untethered from the previous constraints of being the focus of a full episode. There are many people to talk to, and we will release these as they occur, hopefully at a rate of several a month.

Apart from these recorded instances and curated programs such as the long-delayed continuation of the Scott Walker analyses, we are continuing to illustrate and collect our experiences and those of others on the collective plane.

The Inner Lobby is a currently living project, and the workable details are coming together. The first three stories, if you happened to catch them in the last three episodes, served as a quality Alpha test and proof of concept. We maintain that the entries are accurate and they remain to be explored as we return to them. However, we must begin from where we currently find ourselves.

Our fourth entry in the Inner Lobby story was lost prior to broadcast, and must be re-constituted before it is re-released. We would like to check in periodically with these stories, on a nearly-weekly basis, as the stories are collected, verified, and transmitted. Once our equipment and full operative capacities are restored, we aim to provide a feature episode once a month with significant heft, most likely centered around a musical or extensively creative guest with whose work we can spend substantial time, as we've tried to do with previous interview episodes. This leaves plenty of time to include the fiction experiments, further forays into cut-ups, dramatic or serialized fiction and performances from outside sources, and the wealth of new music from our local quarter and abroad.

In short, we'll be staying engaged in frequent, manageable installments.

Consider this the prologue to the Inner Lobby proper, with more to come. In the future, if I have announcements, dates, or news otherwise, I will be making shortened versions of this type of address From the Desk, generally early in the week. By the time you're hearing this transmission, I'll be sitting down with a brave soul to break down their efforts in artistic autonomy in painstaking detail for your depraved entertainment.

Episode 50 - Joel Nelson (President of West Coast Internal Affairs, 2018)


0.00.00 - Introduction to the Podcast & “The Inner Lobby 3: Rabbits Part 1 (X 8/73)” //
0.02.54 - “The Earth Hotel Sonata (translated) v130” //
0.07.07 - Opening Monologue: “Imaginary Solutions” //
0.09.16 - “Evil” - Joel Nelson et al //
0.14.13 - News from the EH //
0.21.23 - Dates //
0.26.13 -“The Cost of It All” - Flag Day (Brad Davis, Joel Nelson) //
0.30.34 - Interview with Joel Nelson, recorded post Pataphysical Freakout Tour, early July 73//
01.10.04 - (break): “Kinetic Irony (for Davey Williams)” - Joel Nelson //
01.13.40 - Interview continues //
01.45.15 - Post-interview music: “Amazing Grace,” Transmuseq Live, 2007 LaDonna Smith, Davey Williams, Anne LeBaron //
01.48.15 - Reading: “Magic and Loss - The Summation” - Lou Reed //
01.51.28 - “Forgotten” - Dylan Burchett Duo //

“Evil” Joel Nelson, performed at Mills College, Littlefield Concert Hall, V 73. Players are Naomi Harrison-Clay (sax), Timothy Russell (Drums), Lee Hodel (Bass), Maia Ziaee (Synthesizer)

Henry Cow -
Ubu Roi -
Alfred Jarry -
Bob Ostertag -
Expression (John Coltrane) -
Interstellar Space (John Coltrane) -
A Power Stronger Than Itself -
Roscoe Mitchell - Nonaah for solo sax -

Surrealism and Pataphysics in the South - FIND IT!


minisode U - "Everything Is Followed By Something" - Thesis by Joel Nelson


Bailey, Derek, “Improvisation: its nature and practice in music”, (New York: Da Capo Press, 1993), 132

Choucha Nadia, “Surrealism & the Occult Shamanism, Magic, Alchemy, and the Birth of
an Artistic Movement”, (Destiny Books One Park Street Rochester, Vermont 05767, 1992)

Hagberg L. Garry, “Ensemble Improvisation, Collective Intention, and Group Attention”,
in vol. 1 of The Oxford Handbook of Critical Improvisation Studies, eds. George E.
Lewis and Benjamin Piekut, (New York: Oxford University, 2016), 481

LeBaron Anne, “Reflections of Surrealism in Postmodern Music”, in Postmodern Music
Postmodern Thought, eds. Judy Lochhead and Joseph Auner, (Routledge 29 West 35th
Street New York, New York 10001, 2002), 41, 43, 37

Lewis E. George, “Gettin’ To Know Y’all: Improvised Music, Interculturalism, and the
Racial Imagination”, in The Improvisation Studies Reader Spontaneous Acts eds. 51

Rebecca Caines and Ajay Heble, (Routledge 2 Park Square, Milton Park, Abingdon,
Oxon OX14 4RN, 2015), 297

MacDonald Raymond and Wilson Graeme, “Billy Connolly, Daniel Barenboim, Willie
Wonka, Jazz Bastards, and the Universality of Improvisation”, in Vol. 2 The Oxford
Handbook of Critical Improvisation Studies, (New York: Oxford University, 2016) 116 -117

Shattuck, Roger. "Introduction", in Exploits & Opinions of Doctor Faustroll,
Pataphysician. A Neo-Scientific Novel (Exact Change Boston, 1996), ix

Smith, Ladonna. “Improvisation as Prayer. (n.d.)”, October 6, 2004

Suarez, Juanita. “The Improvisor Festival Review”, 2010. <>

Whitehead, Kevin “Davey Williams: Dancing about the Architecture”, 2010

Williams, Davey, Solo Gig, “Essential Curiosities in Musical Free Improvisation”.
(Birmingham Alabama: Birdfeeder Edition, 2011), 10

minisode U.jpg

Episode 49 - Calliope Pettis

The seat across the from the Operator desk is filled this week by Calliope Pettis, a songwriter and performer from the old Montevallo days who has come into her own since those Eclipse Open Mic nights. To recap after a joint gig at Tropicaleo in Birmingham, and in preparation for her appearance at Fork and Spoon Recordings in Panama City Beach, we sat down and had a vibrant chat about music, creativity, and breaking into new expressive territory.

Links: Meredith Monk -
PCB: Moonlodge Cafe -
Fork and Spoon:
Calliope Instagram: calliope9muse.ic
John. E. Funk and the Skunks -
The Inner Lobby channel:

0.00.00 - NuMusal Retentive Calliope Music in the Wilderness
0.01.31 - Opening monologue
0.04.37 - Dates
0.07.47 - "Strange Little Genius"
0.11.15 - Interview with CP
1.01.11 - "Syncopation Psychonation"
1.03.20 - Freddie v. Vicious fact-check and Eclipse reminiscing
1.19.30 - Bar Sticker "Give It Up"
1.23.59 - “The Smoke Off” by Shel Silverstein
1.29.14 - INNER LOBBY #2 - From the Desk of the Operator, Nightwatch (9-15-73)

EH 49.jpeg

minisode T - Pataphysical Freakout Tour with Joel Nelson

Thank you for listening to the Pataphysical Presentation from the Past, with many thanks to our hosting venues and the newly elected President of West Coast Internal Affairs, Joel Nelson. The trio is Joel Nelson, Ryan Brown, and James Elliot, plus JC, that’s me. 

Joel Nelson:
LaDonna Smith:
Jess Marie Walker:
Eamon Griffith:

The Inner Lobby: CRAYFISH (
Submit sound and other media files to


June 15th - Sanctum Tattoos and Comics
Rodney D. Hasty, Amber Locke Ragsdale, Jess Marie Walker;
Brad Davis and Joel Nelson (Flag Day)
Burning Moon

June 20th - Charm on 2nd
Jacquie Cotillard, Brad Davis + Jess Marie Walker, JNC3+JC

June 23rd - SummerSonic Improvisations at Art Town
LaDonna Smith, Flag Day, Flusnoix

June 23rd - Montevallo Freakout at the Playhouse
Jacquie Cotillard and the Joel Nelson Trio

June 24th - Interstellar Ginger Beer and Exploration Co.
Eamon Griffith, Jacquie Cotillard, Softyglyde, JNC3+JC, Flusnoix

0.00.00- Introduction and Acquiescence
0.02.11 - LaDonna + JNC3+JC: Charm on 2nd
0.09.47 - Flag Day (Joel Nelson +Brad Davis): Sanctum Tattoos and Comics
0.28.26 - JNC3+JC “The 100 Most Psychotic Things Someone Has Searched in 5 Minutes”:: Charm on 2nd
0.32.37 - Invitation to The Inner Lobby
0.33.33 - Ensemble (Joel, Jess Marie, Brad, Jacquie): Art Town
0.48.54 - Eamon Griffith, solo excusions & 
(0.54.12 - Thanks)
0.54.37 -JNC3+JC “Fixing the Plumbing”: 
Interstellar Ginger Beer and Exploration Co.

minisode T.jpg

Episode 48 - Top Shelf Burlesque

The marvelous ladies behind Birmingham's own Top Shelf Burlesque share some time with the Earth Hotel to talk about the art of stage seduction and why Birmingham might have such an interest in the erotic arts. See them Sept 21 at Brennan's Irish Pub and in future spots throughout the Southeast. Follow their Instagram accounts to be kept in anticipation. 

Instagram: @TopShelfBurlesque @patsyfineaswine; @theangelalucy @therubylarouge


The EH is announcing two new channels! Send in your words and ideas for the open-world project The Inner Lobby (above) in order to gain free access to our VIP Annex, The Astral Lounge, currently in production. 

0.00.00 - From the Basement of the Third Floor of the Earth Hotel
0.01.25 - Announcements/Dates
0.05.25 - Bar Sticker Song: “Masks” by No More Excuses
0.08.40 - Interview with Patsy Fine, Angela Lucy, Ruby LaRouge of TSB
0.48.23 - Message from Carl JR + “My Dog Spot” Live from Tropicaleo
0.51.22 - Basement Cut-Up #1
0.53.25 - Reading from Burlesque, Yoga, Sex, and Love (A Memoir of Life Under the Albuquerque Sun) by Anne Key


minisode S - FlusTour, from Flying Monkey to Surrealist Sympatica

The FlusXound spreads through time and our recourse is recording. Here you will find the chronological mix of the journey of this improvisational outfit of many players from Florence, AL through the Southeast back to roost at the closing of LaDonna Smith's exhibit at Art Town in East Lake, the Surrealist Sympatica. 
The Earth Hotel is opening its external doors into the world to bring you an open invitation. As a listener or contributor to any Network program, you are granted operator access on the EH Lobby channel, which begins audio operations on Friday, August 17th. All Lobby presentations are available only on with the password CRAYFISH. (
The first presentations from the Lobby will be 7 randomized mixes of this minisode, out of chronological order. To submit your own show, creative material, or ideas, email your thoughts to You have creative control in the Lobby. 

FLUSTOUR, wherein FLUSNOIX were:
0.00.00 - Flying Monkey in Huntsville, AL (Joel Nelson, Rodney D Hasty, Walker Yancey, Jess Marie Walker
0.22.13 - Go Bar in Athens, GA (Joel, Walker, Rodney, Brent Stauffer, JM)
0.42.13 - End Times Outsider Music and Arts Festival in Rocky Mount, NC (Joel, Jasper Lee, JM)
1.17.39 - The Bakery in Atlanta, GA (Joel, Rodney, Majid Araim, Matt Goethe, JM)
1.36.01 - Fork and Spoon Records Panama City, FL (Joel, Rodney, Scott Bazar, Charles Pagano, JM)
02.02.21- Interstellar Ginger Beer and Exploration Co. (Joel, Brent, Rodney, Walker, Nabeel Emaish, JC, JM)
2.23.45 - Surrealist Sympatica Closing Event (Johnny Coley, Brent, Brad Davis, Clifford McPeek, Wally Shoup, JC, Jimmy Griffin on Camera, JM)

Mixes 2-8 coming on Friday to with password CRAYFISH. Welcome to the Lobby. 

minisode S.jpg

Episode 47 - Jess Marie Walker of FLUSNOIX

I speak with the progenitor of the sound operation known as FLUSNOIX, the Birmingham installation of sonic artists who seek to communicate with each other and effect the good folks out there however they choose to be taken by the movement of air. 
Jess Marie Walker is the organizer and central cerebral hub of the improvisational group of musicians, and she has served in the ranks of the Southern avant-garde for many years. We discuss her journey from doodling in art class to performing complex multimedia art in galleries and exhibition spaces across the country. 

”it ran” and “into” - 
Jess Marie Walker : flusdrawxing, flusvoxing
Joel Nelson : guitar
Jasper Lee : bass, cello
Cody Iott : electronics
Improvisations recorded March 2 & 16, 2016
at the Kewahatchee Lounge, Birmingham, AL
Recorded & Mixed by Jasper Lee
Mastered by Sean McCann

Jess Marie Walker : flusdrawxing, flusvoxing
Joel Nelson : guitar, clarinet
Cody Iott : electronics, guitar
Michael Pihakis : guitar
Jasper Lee : bass
Walker Yancey : percussion 

Improvisations recorded March - May 2016 in Birmingham, AL
at North Birmingham Savings & Trust, the Nick, Shift & the Kewahatchee Lounge

0.00.00 - Welcome to the Show
0.03.56 - ”On Time” - Khalil Gibran read by Jess Marie Walker
0.05.51 -Interview Pt. 1
0.23.38 - “it ran” - Flusnoix, March 71
0.26.09 - Interview Pt. 2
01.05.45 - “into”
01.07.22 - A Message from Beers and Broads
01.08.08 - Question of the Week and Thanks
01.09.43 - Flusnoix at Monotonia, March 73
01.36.00 - Future News
01.38.02 - “19:19” - Flusnoix, March 71


minisode R - Longform Radio Listener Revue!

We return to the mini-world with music from all over the U.S., our most baffling and myopic home state. Listeners from across the continental sprawl have submitted their recent releases for old-fashioned revue and we send you the sound without too much ado. 
Should you want to skip around, timestamps are provided, but we hope you take time to visit the artists' pages and hear more, and support if you can! You can! Thanks, friends.

0.00.00 - Information Desk and Concierge
0.09.42 - Christien Sullivan - “Welcome (Theme from The Amazing Six)”
0.11.52 - Tony Leon - “Tripper”
0.13.42 - Miss Mojo - “Fall Again”
0.18.17 - Joel Nelson - "Just an Afterthought"
0.29.02 - Dylan Coffee - "Fat man/Little boy"
0.30.24 - Jeff Kujan - “Wildfires (Live)"
0.36.38 - Richard Daniel - "Black Vulcan"
0.40.23 - Rollo - "Healthy Mode”
0.41.59 - Dylan Burchett - “Floor-to-Ceiling Corner Shelves”
0.48.42 - Aradaba - "tchotchke"
0.53.06 - Dead Neighbors - “Indifference”
0.59.45 - Lowell Haygood III - "Take Two”

This week's art is titled "Kyleidescope Vortex" from Kyle Weems, (of Cahaba, guest on EH 12)

Kyleidescope Vortex.png

Episode 46 - Julianna Richey (Visionary Artist)

On this most jubilant return to form, I welcome the apple of my eye herself to the show to speak to us about her time at the Vienna Academy of Visionary Art and how the transcendent can be captured on canvas. The future holds much art discussion and outward spiraling from this place. 

Sources from the show:

About the Torri seminar:

Sophia - Alex Grey:

Thunder, Perfect Mind:
Four Directions Prayer:

The Hubcap Thieves:

0.00.00 - Prayer to the Four Directions (J/J)
0.01.52 - Welcome, Dates, and Episode Rundown
0.12.40 - “Ghosts” - AeonPilgrim ed. Adam Ramsey
0.15.25 - Part 1: Visionary Art & Archetypes
0.30.31 - “All Prayers Answered by Mail” - The Hubcap Thieves
0.34.52 - Part 2: Vienna Academy of Visionary Art
0.54.37 - (Thank You...)
0.55.18 - The Thunder Perfect Mind (JR)
1.06.39 - About TPM and Closing
1.19.06 - “(It Was A) Crispy Dream” - Carl JR at The Hotniss 73


Episode 45 - Joel Switzer

All avoidances will be attended to and repaid unto the souls of those responsible. Namely, mine. Welcome back to part two of our much-maligned Season Three. 
I was joined righteously in conversation by Joel Nobody, or the man who calls himself such, as I skulked away to a beach setting of tourist entropy. 
Joel maintains the churning machine that is Fork and Spoon Recordings of Panama City, Florida, at the heart of the southeast's experimental scene. Shortly after we were joined at Efficiency Fest on May 5 whilst welcoming improvisers from throughout the state, Joel and I broke the thing down. We have much in common and I look forward to hearing more of the sound from his world on the show as we go forward. 

0.00.00 - Welcome Back
0.02.08 - News and Dates
0.12.16 - "Walking Down 7th Street at 2 a.m." - Joel Nobody
0.19.24 - Interview with Joel Switzer
1.19.44 - "Never Berry" - Joel Nobody
1.28.26 - Softyglyde at Monotonia, March 10
1.39.45 - Jeff Kujan at the Nick, June 10

(Jeff Kujan, Flusnoix, and Scott Bazar footage from Monotonia 3/10 minisode incoming)
(More footage from Nick June 10 incidents incoming)

Joel Nobody -
Fork and Spoon Recordings -
Scott Bazar - -

Joel projects: Vantage Planets, The Nihilistics, Pico Dorado, Vitamin Seizure, Sir Syrup, Disco Vato, Immigrant Rugburn, Non-occupants, Prachachuen, (s-gurd)
Scott projects: Disco Vato, Tenticular Genocide, Vantage Planets, Plutonian Burrito

Shit Noise Records - Hartmont Frank - ( ; (
SP Records - Shaun Phelps - (

Trashfuck Records - Patrick Harsh -
FL Noise Ordinance Records -
Sluggish Tapes - Ed Sluggish
Sirona Records (France) -

Tulsa Noise Fest -
Florida Noise Ordinance Fest -
Miami Psyche Fest -
INC (Int’l Noise Conference) -
St. Pete Noise Fest -

Ava Mendoza -
Derek Bailey -
Kenny Millions -
Hal Harmon - Dialtone Aggressor -
Shaun Phelps (SP): Flat Affect, Bastard Child ( (
Schizos -

eh 45.jpg

Episode 44 - Max Rykov: The Mensch, The Myth, The Legend

Squash the Beef Hotline:

Operation Step-Up:

Broken Window Theory:
App-Based Parking Meters:

John Archibald column(s):

Opinion Response by Ben Baxter:

The Awesome Foundation:
Detroit Soup:
Ava Davis Bus Shelter:

Office of Social Innovation and Civic Participation:

Birmingham Education Foundation:
The Touch of Greatness documentary:
The Bald Soprano:
Tragic City Rollers:
Alabama Environmental Council:
Growing Kings:

4/20 - 50th Annual Green Tie Affair @ Sloss Furnace
    for Alabama Environmental Council
4/21 - Chucks and Tucks Fundraising for Growing Kings

4/12 - Chrysopoeia - Transmutation of Black Identity @ The Jaybird - Presented by Micah Althea, 6oldie, Carey Fountain, D.Horton, Steven Mark, Joi Black, Socially Awkward and DoReMe (D.R.M). 
4/14 - Andrea Dillingham Yard Sale
4/22 - Dan Sartain Barbering Grand Opening Cookout - Carl SR
- Darren Deicide, Battito @ the Nick
- Road Soda, Spray Tan @ SRB
4/19 - Alabama Spring Skies @ Christenberry Planetarium
4/20 - The Next Appointed Hour / Airpark / Frozen Yogurt @ Ghost Train Brewery 8pm
4/28 - Magic City Art Connection - the Dizzy
5/10 - EH Live Podcast @ Thomas Jefferson Tower
5/29 - The Residents @ Variety Playhouse
6/21 - Aviie, Burning Moon, Ben Ricketts, JC (Location TBA)

0.00.00 - Welcome to the Mission Statement
0.04.32 - Here are the Dates!
0.11.21 - "Network News" and Upcoming Shows
0.16.25 - Witch's Wall Live @ Soft Rock Bungalow ("It's Over Now," "Witch's Wall")
0.29.02 - Bar Sticker Segment: 
0.31.57 - The Heavy Children - "The Less You Know"
0.34.16 - Interview with Max Rykov
1.28.50 - "Parent's Song" - KCW

Episode 44.jpg

SSDS1416+13B (Zercon: A Flagpole Sitter) Pt. 1

We return to our oft-neglected Scott Walker analysis series with the first of three in-depth breakdowns of his 21-minute opus on his album BISH BOSCH, "SDSS1416+13B (Zercon, A Flagpole Sitter)". 
The next two Tuesdays will pursue us into additional hours on this subject. 
Relevant links below!