minisode G) - MEMS Live! at the Soft Rock Bungalow

We're beginning a concert series this week, because we have a distressing array of full, live sets from talented folks and we gotta do something with them. So this week you'll hear MEMS from Baltimore, who displayed an equally distressing array of instruments, vocal techniques, and time displacements in their performance at the Soft Rock Bungalow on April 12. 

Next TOOSDEE you'll be treated to sound bathing and immense sound from the Firehouse, with sets by Daniel Farris and Amber Locke. 

Thanks to Spice Radio Huntsville and the Soft Rock Bungalow for their continued support. Come see the Dizzy, Sex Camel, and Giant Sunbeam and the Noise on Saturday May 27th at the SRB, presented by the Earth Hotel Live! Show starts at 9. MEEECH THANKS

MEMS are: Suzie Doogan, Ellen Paul, Miles Clark, and Michael Wasteneys Stephens.