Episode 42 - I Came Here For An Argument SWAPCAST

Our homegrown propaganda network continues as we welcome the boys from ICHFAA, the highly active Facebook discussion group-cum-livestream-cum-podcast to the Earth Hotel. This is the first episode with David and Dylan, with myself thrown in the free speech hotseat before stepping back to be plain-ol producer person. We discuss the point of the show, how it has come to be, and what might happen to us as a result of talking. 
The Podcast Gods are currently reviewing our case, so watch this site for the new ICHFAA podcast and subscribe on iTunes etc. when it happens! Here's to a future of friendly fighting.

This week's music:
"Empathy-Release-Empathy for Brass Quartet" by Joel Nelson
"The Noticing Song" by Cahabie Status Quotillard


minisode O - Whose Turn Is It SWAPCAST (Episode 9: Setting the Mood)

Our first swapcast! If you're unfamiliar with the concept: coined by Doug Stanhope, it's when two programs go in on an episode together and each release it as their own -- for twice the jolly content!

These are good boys and fun players in their own right, enjoy our talk ---

"Episode 9. Setting the Mood  

The Boys sit down, turn down the lights, light some candles, and put on a record while we talk about how we get the ambience right for our games. They’re joined by Jacquie Cotillard, local musician, Nightwatch Operator Of The Earth Hotel, and Queen of the Ambient Zone. Wes, Dash, and Dotty try to keep up while Cline gets down on the Vibes. You can find Jacquie on Twitter at @JCotillard and the Earth Hotel at theearthhotel.org"