minisode C) - Giant Sunbeam and the Noise / Cahaba / Portsmouth

Eclipse dun got rocked by two bands this Friday night (March 3) and they both happen to be friends of mine. Giant Sunbeam and the Noise (Episode 7) and Cahaba (Montevallo Music Podcast and EH Archive) returned to the podcast from the Eclipse stage to show you some chops that they like to use musically. Unfortunately, the Cahaba recordings were not as impactful as the live show, so I'll include a track from their brand-new album BAD ASTRONAUT, coming soon. 

The next night, Saturday March 4th, I played a wacky set at Birmingham's Soft Rock Bungalow with a singer from Nashville. His act was called Portsmouth, and his song from that performance is here.

Track list:

08.16 - "The Swamp"
12.39 - "The Bee Song (When We Go, We're Taking You With Us)"
16.37 - Unnamed
23.15 - Cahaba - "Keep Your Hands Off the Record, Machine!"
26.23 - Portsmouth - "Bitter Pill"

Thanks for joining us this Tuesday! Keep your sounds eared for Friday's full-length variety episode with Jordan Rickerson of the Dizzy!