minisode F) - Chroma Cove Update and Music from the Nick!

Amid strange local weather and a tumultuous Springing yet, we return for a minisode to satiate you late nighters with us until we can bring the noise back in full on Friday.

Chroma Cove, the art gallery run by our Andrea Dillingham, has burned like a phoenix, but in our interview she assures me that this is not its final form. I agree, and support her fully, and you can too! Donate to her Gofundme here and help rebuild a physical sanctuary to house her art dreams:

Last week I went to the Nick to see my friends in Cahaba, and Giant Sunbeam and the Noise. I was treated to a night of drama, funk, and sentimental crooning (all the good kind). The show closers were Particle Devotion from NEW ORLEANS, and they gave me a copy of their new album to sell in the upcoming Earth Hotel Traveling Library Merch-o-Case (title pending).
Also coming to the EHTLMoC(tp) is a new album by Cahaba called Bad Astronaut. Find it here:

To open this minisode, I've included a live cut from Giant Sunbeam, and we'll close it with a gently tragic song from the Particle Devotion fellows called "They Are Back Again." To be fair, it made me cry, so we'll leave it for last so you can choose to cry too.

Thanks for sticky wickets. 
Viva l'amore.