minisode B) - Generator Show and Chroma Cove Art Erotica

Our second mini show features live music from CLASP, a Philadelphia band who played on a bill with me for a gas generator show under a bridge this weekend. 

Songs by Clasp: "Sorry to catch you on your way out" / "Orange Juice" / "M M K"

Later that night, Saturday II 25, I joined Andrea Dillingham, Lindsey Shante, and numerous Birmingham visual artists to put some exhibitionism into the local art scene at Art Erotica presented by Chroma Cove Gallery. Andrea, the operator of the space, spoke with me about a series by a particular artist that holds a sad and beautiful story. 

Chroma Cove:

Dates for this week:
March 1 - Sonder, Rollo, Jesus Vio @ Firehouse 8pm ///
Terror Pigeon, Curt Oren, Real Frogs @ Eclipse 8:30pm (free) ///
March 2 - Standing Rock Benefit Show @ Eclipse 8pm (free) ///
March 3 - Giant Sunbeam + Cahaba @ Eclipse 8pm (free) ///
March 4 - Jacquie Cotillard @ Soft Rock Bungalow (confirmed) ///
March 5 - That 1 Guy @ Syndicate Lounge 7pm ($15) ///

Pictured below, (1-6) Work of Tony Uridales; (7) Painting by Andrea Dillingham; (8) Tony