Episode 35 - Jimmy Griffin of Renaissance Records

I'm joined by the venerable Jimmy Griffin, a local encyclopedia for music high, low, and everywhere. He works the counter at Renaissance Records in Birmingham, and we go for the record chat on music heritage and life-learning. A wonderful, warming conversation for these chilly times. No ado! Just you! All credits are used in good faith for the dead.

Renaissance Records:  2020 11th Ave S B, Birmingham, AL 35205

Flusnoix Mix Set (Vi 7/72) Joel Switzer, Taylor Rouss, Walker Yancey, John Paul Case, Jimmy Griffin, Jess Marie Walker, Brent Stauffer, Jacquie Cotillard

0.00.00 - Welcome, News! //
0.00.36 - Invocation of Ra //
0.03.35 - Opening Monologue //
0.05.38 - Flusnoix Mix Set, VI 7/72 @ SRB //
0.14.50 - Opening Credits from "Space is the Place" by Sun Ra //
0.16.36 - Interview with Jimmy Griffin //
1.22.25 - "Kijiti" by Siti Mwalimu and the Dhow Countries Music Academy, Zanzibar, Tanzania //
1.24.20 - Interview continues //
1.57.38 - "Frisco Lines" - Mississippi Fred Mcdowell //
2.01.32 - "Long-Haired Doney" - Johhny Wood, RL Burnside //
2.07.12 - "My Phone" - Rollo //

Dhow Countries Music Academy:  facebook.com/dcmazanzibar/

Jimmy Lee Sudduth: https://marciaweberartobjects.com/sudduth.html  

Country Brass Bands: https://www.discogs.com/Various-Music-From-The-South-Vol-1-Country-Brass-Bands/release/2880325

Cold Mountain Poems (Gary Snyder): http://www.counterpointpress.com/dd-product/riprap-and-cold-mountain-poems/

Rollo: https://rolotony.bandcamp.com/album/ep

BHAM WIKI: http://www.bhamwiki.com/wiki/index.php?title=Charlemagne_Record_Exchange