Episode 51 - Lil White Bitch (PART TWO)

The sun mocks the void which is home to the Hotel Bardo, and dawns warmly once again on the Earthly office to bring you and interview from Birmingham’s most premier enfants terrible. The collective body of Lil White Bitch, with its many busied limbs, has been pounding on the psychic doors of this city’s citizens at live performances since 2017-72, and released an album on the Earth Libraries label called F+, which is a deep and chunky dive into the tanks of questionable secrets you keep hooked up to the toilets in your house. The sounds you flush don’t go away. There are several prime cuts from F+, invocations of Lono, conventional magick, and a tour of the Endless Bed and Breakfast area of the Earth Hotel on this episode of your Art-Propaganda Podcast for our stricken times. This episode somehow ended up too large to upload, so it’s a two-parter.



Lil White Bitch
IG: @_lil_white_bitch_

Earth Libraries: https://www.facebook.com/earthlibraries/

The Fork and Spoon (Panama City, FL)

The Earth Hotel/Jacquie Cotillard:
Tw: The_Earth_Hotel
IG: @jc_operator
Video for “Stalking Thru the Bed and Breakfasts” https://youtu.be/py1N5fDgtuE

Further Reading
Hawaiian Mythology -
Martha Beckwith (Yale University Press):

0.00.00 - Call for Questions
0.00.51 - LWB Interview Pt. 2
0.38.59 - Albatross Release Ritual
0.46.09 - “Liquid Damage”
0.50.31 - NSAID Phase III Report 1: Bed, Breakfast - coups diplomatiques a la Murree
1.05.43 - “Water in a Box”