Episode 23 - Adam Measel (of DOMMEL MOSEL)

He's a dommel good singer and a songwriter with the mosel tunes around. Adam Measel is the man within Dommel Mosel, the Birmingham pop "sadboy" group that brings morose quips to the jangly center of our collective heart. We met at a secret spot to talk on Memorial Day and I bring that convo to you. He recorded two original songs and we collaborated on a third for the moment's sake. 

Dommel Mosel (the band) performed as part of Avondale Fight Club 2: The Altercation on June 3rd, presented by Birmingham comedian Chris Ivey and featuring national Unbookable punk comic, JT Habersaat. 

The comedy gave way to Spicy Food Fight Club and the music for the evening: Hurl Yeah and Johnny Rock n Roll, two bands that are coming in our future together. You can hear Hurl Yeah's on Episode 19 with Neeta Burger, and this episode is the internet premiere of Johnny Rock N Roll. Enjoy these garage recordings with the promise of fidelic futures. Watch these folks.

Finally, the Baltimore enigma MEMS return to the show with a track from their album "All Mems Go to Heaven." Find them here: https://soundcloud.com/memsbaltimore

JT Habersaat here: http://jtcomedy.com/
and here: http://www.theroadpodcast.com/

Chris Ivey's Goulash Comedy: https://www.facebook.com/goulashcomedy/

Dommel Mosel here: https://dommelmosel.bandcamp.com/
You can see them on the miniseries "Welcome to Monotonia" here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KDzUOBCJ6kA

0.00.00 - Welcome to the Earth Hotel //
0.07.50 - "Old Life" - Dommel Mosel //
0.11.31 - Interview with Adam Measel //
0.32.31 - "Marco Polo" - Dommel Mosel //
0.41.41 - "Creeks" - Improvisation, AM and JC //
0.44.47 - A message from Born with Catheters //
0.46.19 - Righteous outrage talkin' blues //
1.00.23 - "Of Mice" by MEMS //
1.03.21 - Dommel Mosel Live! at Fight Club 2 //
1.11.55 - Johnny Rock n Roll Live! at FC2 //

Episode 22 - Live at the Soft Rock Bungalow (Sex Camel + GS&N)

Last week we were treated to a rocking evening at the Soft Rock Bungalow starring Giant Sunbeam and the Noise and a beast of a band indeed: SEX CAMEL. This foursome of gentlemen make the sex desert passable and the sex dessert just within reach. Giant Sunbeam and the Noise Boys lent their bizarre twist to jazzy funk and laid down a killer middle set, and the Dizzy closed out with a mad powerhouse which was sadly not captured for posterity. We hope you enjoy this delicious bit of live hijinks with Sex Camel and GS&N. Stay tuned for more live footage and interviews with Birmingham artists, musicians, movers, shakers, and one ornery candlestick maker.

For three exclusive tracks by Giant Sunbeam and the Noise, email us at theearthhotel@gmail.com and we'll make it happen for your earbits.


0.00.00 - Welcome from Matchi and Intro //
0.06.14 - Welcome to the Soft Rock Bungalow! //
0.11.05 - Sex Camel! //
0.11.51 - "Cool Cool Cats" //
0.14.22 - "Calloway Gardens" //
0.17.35 - "Pretty Girls" // 
0.21.50 - "Disjointed Photo Man" //
0.23.49 - "Pants Have Become" //
0.26.56 - "Slow Fish" //
0.31.20 - "Sex Desert" //
0.37.37 - A PSA from Born With Catheters //
0.39.19 - Giant Sunbeam and the Noise! //
0.40.27 - "Collusion" //
0.43.27 - "The Swamp" //
0.47.30 - "For Once, Pretend" //
0.54.47 - Outro, teaser //

Kirsten (Lady Sunbeam) and Ryan Brown (a Noiz Boy) of GS&N

Kirsten (Lady Sunbeam) and Ryan Brown (a Noiz Boy) of GS&N

Episode 20 - Matchi and Analysis: "Invalid Litter Dept."

The dark, coy, and literary band (but in a good way) Matchi is here in the studio to discuss their work and our shared musical arty exploits. Matchi are an art pop trio comprised of Shannon Ellis, (poet, singer, sampler), Josh Karg (guitar, drum programmer), and Isaac Starnes (bass guitar). We're familiars as friends and showmates at Springfest and you might've heard Shannon last week with Jake Easter talking about that event. We get band history and two songs recorded in-house specifically as sneak peaks to their upcoming EP. This is a chocked episode overflowing with sickly sweet symbolism and tuning of souls.  

My art analysis portion of the show comes recommended by Kyle Weems. I talk for a length of time about the background, musicality, and bitingly effective purpose of At the Drive-In's song "Invalid Litter Dept." about the ongoing and unsolved femicide in factory shantytowns in Juarez, Mexico. A serious latter half to a beautiful show this week. 
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A plus, until next time,
Jacquie Cotillard //

Listen to Matchi's first album here! www.matchi.bandcamp.com

At the Drive-In: "Invalid Litter Dept." 
Female homicides in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Female_homicides_in_Ciudad_Ju%C3%A1rez
"Remedies for Women of Ciudad Juárez through the Inter-American Court of Human Rights"

0.00.00 - Invocation from A Midsummer Night's Dream //
0.02.13 - Intro talk //
0.08.35 - "Down, Down from the Tree" (by JAC, read by Shannon Ellis) //
0.09.44 - Matchi, Live at the Earth Hotel! - "Breakfast" //
0.13.03 - "Suketo City" //
0.16.16 - Matchi interview //
0.47.36 - "Jacquie Gets Cut-Up!" by JAC with SE //
0.50.12 - "Strange Times in the Fourth Dimension" by SE, read by JAC //
0.52.24 - Analysis: "Invalid Litter Dept." by At the Drive-In //

Episode 10 - UFO Talk with Ryan Brown AND MORE. . .

This super-packed half show features my friend Ryan Brown and I sharing some spooky unexplained experiences we each have had. I also got around to writing an equally spoopy sonata to serve as our Podcast theme, and you'd better bet I'll re-perform it in so many future forms. The archives open up and give us a demo from my upcoming album HYPNOCRACY, and the Dizzy reports from that time we painted the town red with our new song "Confused as Hell." To finish up, I pull the books down from the trees and read 'em askew. Bookcase Cut-Up as a bookend. 

You can now order special copies of The Dizzy's looming album WRAPPED IN PLASTIC for $20 over at our S.T.O.R.E. 

Donate to MAPS (Multi-Disciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies) here to fund MDMA research for therapeutic purposes.

(You can find my overdue analysis of "Clara" here in Episode 11-2)

Thanks for supporting our first month back in the studio! Here's to as many granted us by the Loon Gods!@!@!@!

1. The Earth Hotel Theme - 0.00
2. Opening Monologue - 4.19
3. UFO Talk with Ryan Brown - 23.51
(Comments - 1.10.18)
4. "This Constitution Albatross (Demo)" - 1.12.32
5. A Special Announcement by the Dizzy
6. "Confused as Hell, Live!" (The Dizzy) - 1.20.41
7. Personal Musings - 1.23.41
8. Bookcase Cut-Up (Field Recording) - 1.32.34
9. Bookcase Cut-Up Analysis - 1.35.58
10. Introduction to "Clara" Analysis (Stay Tuned America) 1.55.36
11. Conclusion??? 2.01.24

Episode 7 - Giant Sunbeam and the Noise

Sept 30 (IX 30/71)

WE ARE BACK with a new format and the same surreal chill. 
Montevallo freak-jazz band GIANT SUNBEAM AND THE NOISE joins Jacquie to discuss Dick Cheney, of all things. - - - Find them at https://www.facebook.com/GSandTheNoise/ - - - GS&N contributed their song "Bee Song (Because When We Go, We're Taking You With Us)" to our show tonight, and drummer Chris Conner reads their new lyrics, "The Swamp.". Jacy Rexrone contributed her work in progress, "The Feud," and the show closes with an original composition, "Simulation 3 for Mandolin." - - - This is the first episode of season 2 of The Earth Hotel. 

1. Introduction - 0.00
    Invocation - 4.50
2. Walking Through the Bright Sunrise Outside the Union Shop Club - 6.28
+  About This Podcast - 10.15
     Brazil Self - 13.49
3. Viewer Mail - 15.53
4. "The Feud" Sax - 21.13
5. Interview with Giant Sunbeam and the Noise - 23.47
    Bee-Song intro - 1:14.37
  "Bee-Song (Because When We Go, We're Taking You With Us)" - 1:15.12
6. News and Personal Stories - 1:20.04
7. Live reading of "The Swamp" by Chris Connor - 1:40.04
8. "Simulation 3 for Mandolin" - 1:43.21