Episode 14 - Whirlybird

Payton and Kit of Whirlybird join me in the studio to play songs, improvise, talk of many things, and hope hard for the future. This episode features two of their own songs, and an improvised track with the three of us. Whirlybird are a snappy rock duo with equal parts brain and heart.; watch out for them in Birminghams to come.

This episode also includes a cut-up of a recent fundraising letter from the Alabama Republican Party, and we find that when you cut into propaganda, you get more double-speak than you can shake a stick at.

Donate to the now sub-arctic-chilled Oceti Sakowin camp at Standing Rock - - - 

00.00.00 - Invocation (Prayer written by Lucien Greaves) 
00.01.47 - Opening Monologue and Upcoming Dates
00.19.38 - GOP Cut-Up
00.25.24 - Analysis and commentary
00.39.48 - News and Plans
00.47.07 - "Fall" by Whirlybird
00.49.09 - Whirlybird Interview
01.43.18 - "Shakey Thimble" (Improvised, Whirlybird and JC)
01.47.05 - "Sleepy Pilot" by Jacquie Cotillard
01.49.59 - "Money" by Whirlybird

(thumbnail photo courtesy of Curioobscura.com