Episode 12 - Kyle Weems (Artist)

     We see you again and raise you a new thing.
Kyle Weems is a friend, a contributor, a collaborator, and an artist. He plays keyboard in Cahaba, previous musical guests of the show, and creates the fascinating geometric art that we talk about in this episode, with visual aids included below. This one's swimming in music as well from Kyle, myself, and a band from Georgia called Fuiste that I met at a show recently. 

     We would love to feature your art or story here. Send an email to theearthhotel@gmail.com to share your thoughts on the show, your own art/music/poetry/etc. to be featured on the podcast, recommendations and requests, and ideas for future art analysis. 
    Furthermore, if you are interested in helping The Earth Hotel from the inside, we are absolutely welcoming of enthusiastic people to document and report exploits in the area, help build and manage content we put out, manage talent, publish and print physical art, and more things to come. 

Kyle Weems: http://imgur.com/user/KyleWeemshttps://soundcloud.com/axlrollz
M.U.N.G.:  = coming soon=
Smitherman's Pharmacy: 703 Main St. Montevallo, AL (205-665-2574)
It Was The Sunhttps://www.facebook.com/itwasthesun  
the Dizzy's Wrapped in Plastic: https://thedizzy.bandcamp.com/

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--> Corrections Corporation of America (now CoreCivic)
10 Burton Hills Boulevard
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P: 615-263-3000
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Dec. 21 - Syndicate Lounge, 7pm - Sister Sniffle, Me and My Knife, The Ataris
Dec. 23 - Buck Mulligan's, 10pm - The Murder of Jane Crow (live recording)
Dec. 24 - Syndicate Lounge, 8pm - Die Hard Christmas 2
                Gip's Place, 8:30pm - Jukejoint Christmas Eve
Dec. 26 - The Secret Garden, 7pm - Kombat, Klout, Heavy User, Rob, Narb, Moral Authority

1. (Unsponsored content: Corrections Corporation of America) - 0.00
2. Invocation of the Muse (from Milton's Paradise Lost) - 0.28
3. Station ID - 2.24
4. "Oxy" (Kyle Weems, solo synthesizer) - 2.50
5. "Kickshawza" (from M.U.N.G. by Jacquie Cotillard) - 5.55
6. My Plea for Artistic Submission/Outreach Talk - 12.25
7. "Slow Burner (Who's Your Destroyer?)" by Fuiste - 21.06
8. "Kyle Weems" Spot from Schooley's Art Show, (II 9/71) - 25.36
9. Kyle Weems Interview Extravaganza - 26.21 (break at 1.06.05)
10. Events in the Area, Future Plans, Supporting the Podcast tawk - 1.26.47
11. "Around Now Corners" (improvised, Kyle Weems and Jacquie Cotillard) - 1.39.19