Episode 26 - Daniel Hargett (Welcome to Monotonia)

The man is sometimes behind the camera and sometimes behind the guitar but always behind Birmingham's musick-ers. Daniel Hargett joins us to talk about the webseries Welcome to Monotonia, which he created and directs. Their first season is airing every Sunday on the Earth Hotel network, and his groups Future Primitives and The Secret Midnight Band can be found all over Birmingham and the Southeast. This week's short episode is full of strange feelings, music from another floor, and reverberations of the weeks we've had before. Thanks for being one.

Future Primitives: https://www.facebook.com/FuturePrimitives123/

Secret Midnight Band: https://www.facebook.com/secretmidnightband/

Welcome to Monotonia on Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-i-jJkwGCNI

0.00.00 - Welcome again
0.01.09 - "Bhaisajyaguru भैषज्यगुरु Mantra (of the Medicine Buddha)" //
0.02.09 - "I Got a Heart" (demo) //
0.04.37 - Daniel Hargett //
0.40.04 - "The Eternal Now" - Future Primitives (At Analog on 3rd) //
0.44.28 - "Goo" - Secret Midnight Band //
0.47.39 - "Love Under Will" Future Primitives (Live from MONO BHAM) //

(Rectilinear: contained by, consisting of, or moving in a straight line or lines)

Photo by Jaysen Michael

Photo by Jaysen Michael