Episode 15 - Will Mcdonald, Circuit Bender

We're back to close out the month of February with adventures in circuit bending: (the practice of dismantling and corrupting keyboards or electronic instruments).
My friend and Montevallo ex-pat Will Mcdonald joins me in the studio to give me a demo of his bent Casio SK-5, and we end up talking about V-2 Rockets and Word Magick.
This episode features a song by defunct Montevallo jazz group AL-QAEDA the GUN and a couple of selections from my more obscure word works.

Question of the week: <If you could say one statement to your 5-year-old self, what would it be?>

Also, for the first time, a viewer Q & A segment! Send your comments, questions, and art/stories/pitchforks to theearthhotel@gmail.com.

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Russell-Einstein Manifesto: http://www.spokesmanbooks.com/Spokesman/PDF/85russein.pdf

00.00.00 - The Earth The Earth The Earth Hotel Theme
00.01.26 - Burroughs/Russell/Einstein Cut-Up Invocation
00.03.41 - Opening Monologue
00.10.24 - Circuit Bending demo
00.21.18 - Viewer Mail (Q & A)
00.35.30 - "Kate's Plea" (from iMyoUiNG)
00.36.39 - News and Dates
00.45.55 - Will Mcdonald Interview
02.10.10 - Closing comments
02.12.16 - "Strobe Light" (from Songbook Hypnoses)
02.13.29 - "Extended Cave" by al-Qaeda the Gun!