Inner Lobby 7XB-3* - "Basement Tapes 2"

7XB-3: "Basement Tapes 2" - ("Basement Man" _B)
V/12/74 - Origin unknown, intercepted - Recorded via Remote Desk HCF+

This case and recording are truly bizarre. What you are about to hear is another intercepted recording of what I can assume to be an account written by the Basement Man. Only, the voice is not his. It’s mine. My voice on the airwaves. It’s an account...that I never recorded.

Operator Log:

7XB-3: "Basement Tapes 2" - ("Basement Man" _B)

V/12/74 - Origin unknown, intercepted - Recorded via Remote Desk HCF+

[Intercepted audio recording of an EH broadcast in the IL form, detailing what O blieves to be continuation of the basement account. _B describes "slamming noise from phone in [_2]'s hand"; three sets of feet running through hallway into stairway X-(X+1); _B terminates conversation with _2 (see 2IX-1), leaving Rm. X (3B) into hallway X (dark purple/green flowers). Stairway X-(X-1) taken to hallway X-1 (red/purple, cool). _B describes whispers in hallway, "concerned with [his] presence but not angry." Encountered conspicuous door 13(X-1), (utility lock, wide door like janitor's closet) and entered.]

{NOTE: Interception of this account via remote recorder similar to a paranormal hack "ghost box," which receives and transmits moving through the Hotel or astral landscape. Account received was an IL report, apparently taken out of time in a future or timeline which has not presently come to fruition. Case reminds me of a remote viewing of Russel Targ, a noted expert in the field, in which he was viewed by a colleague as being in the documentary film Third Eye Spies, her seeing from the camera's perspective, the film being the most concise, psychickally available source of information. I believe these devices work under similar means, and that somehow this interception of my own transmissions out of time was easier than transmitting the original message, which from the context of the recording, was originally a written account. More questions than answers regarding the Basement Man. We'll see what happens next and investigate the space upon our successful return to L.}

NOTE: synchronistic and spontaneous title of underscore to intro to 7XB-3: "Sympathetic Sim 3 Under 7XB-3" taken from "Simulation 3 for Mandolin" without thinking.

Inner Lobby 6SC-2: "Rabbits Told Me"

6SC-2: "Rabbits Told Me" - ("Rabbit" _C)
V/1/74 - Telegram - Remote Desk HCF+ Box

From the continuing account of the unknown person submitting words to our psychick mail, known for now as “Rabbit” or _C, in the technical log. For the first part of this thread, see Entry 3SC-1. We hope there will be more to come, as we are set to change location again as we approach the infiltration/recapture of the Main Operator Desk in the Lobby, in whatever state it might be. Think hard on it folks. Picture it to keep it alive and functional. We can really use your brainwaves and intentions right now. Thanks. -JC

All entries have extended technical notes which can be found in the Operator Log.

If you have information or stories of your own from within these or other obscure spaces, reach out to our land location at

Episode 50 - Joel Nelson (President of West Coast Internal Affairs, 2018)


0.00.00 - Introduction to the Podcast & “The Inner Lobby 3: Rabbits Part 1 (X 8/73)” //
0.02.54 - “The Earth Hotel Sonata (translated) v130” //
0.07.07 - Opening Monologue: “Imaginary Solutions” //
0.09.16 - “Evil” - Joel Nelson et al //
0.14.13 - News from the EH //
0.21.23 - Dates //
0.26.13 -“The Cost of It All” - Flag Day (Brad Davis, Joel Nelson) //
0.30.34 - Interview with Joel Nelson, recorded post Pataphysical Freakout Tour, early July 73//
01.10.04 - (break): “Kinetic Irony (for Davey Williams)” - Joel Nelson //
01.13.40 - Interview continues //
01.45.15 - Post-interview music: “Amazing Grace,” Transmuseq Live, 2007 LaDonna Smith, Davey Williams, Anne LeBaron //
01.48.15 - Reading: “Magic and Loss - The Summation” - Lou Reed //
01.51.28 - “Forgotten” - Dylan Burchett Duo //

“Evil” Joel Nelson, performed at Mills College, Littlefield Concert Hall, V 73. Players are Naomi Harrison-Clay (sax), Timothy Russell (Drums), Lee Hodel (Bass), Maia Ziaee (Synthesizer)

Henry Cow -
Ubu Roi -
Alfred Jarry -
Bob Ostertag -
Expression (John Coltrane) -
Interstellar Space (John Coltrane) -
A Power Stronger Than Itself -
Roscoe Mitchell - Nonaah for solo sax -

Surrealism and Pataphysics in the South - FIND IT!


Episode 49 - Calliope Pettis

The seat across the from the Operator desk is filled this week by Calliope Pettis, a songwriter and performer from the old Montevallo days who has come into her own since those Eclipse Open Mic nights. To recap after a joint gig at Tropicaleo in Birmingham, and in preparation for her appearance at Fork and Spoon Recordings in Panama City Beach, we sat down and had a vibrant chat about music, creativity, and breaking into new expressive territory.

Links: Meredith Monk -
PCB: Moonlodge Cafe -
Fork and Spoon:
Calliope Instagram: calliope9muse.ic
John. E. Funk and the Skunks -
The Inner Lobby channel:

0.00.00 - NuMusal Retentive Calliope Music in the Wilderness
0.01.31 - Opening monologue
0.04.37 - Dates
0.07.47 - "Strange Little Genius"
0.11.15 - Interview with CP
1.01.11 - "Syncopation Psychonation"
1.03.20 - Freddie v. Vicious fact-check and Eclipse reminiscing
1.19.30 - Bar Sticker "Give It Up"
1.23.59 - “The Smoke Off” by Shel Silverstein
1.29.14 - INNER LOBBY #2 - From the Desk of the Operator, Nightwatch (9-15-73)

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