Episode 51 - Lil White Bitch (PART TWO)

The sun mocks the void which is home to the Hotel Bardo, and dawns warmly once again on the Earthly office to bring you and interview from Birmingham’s most premier enfants terrible. The collective body of Lil White Bitch, with its many busied limbs, has been pounding on the psychic doors of this city’s citizens at live performances since 2017-72, and released an album on the Earth Libraries label called F+, which is a deep and chunky dive into the tanks of questionable secrets you keep hooked up to the toilets in your house. The sounds you flush don’t go away. There are several prime cuts from F+, invocations of Lono, conventional magick, and a tour of the Endless Bed and Breakfast area of the Earth Hotel on this episode of your Art-Propaganda Podcast for our stricken times. This episode somehow ended up too large to upload, so it’s a two-parter.



Lil White Bitch
IG: @_lil_white_bitch_

Earth Libraries: https://www.facebook.com/earthlibraries/

The Fork and Spoon (Panama City, FL)

The Earth Hotel/Jacquie Cotillard:
Tw: The_Earth_Hotel
IG: @jc_operator
Video for “Stalking Thru the Bed and Breakfasts” https://youtu.be/py1N5fDgtuE

Further Reading
Hawaiian Mythology -
Martha Beckwith (Yale University Press):

0.00.00 - Call for Questions
0.00.51 - LWB Interview Pt. 2
0.38.59 - Albatross Release Ritual
0.46.09 - “Liquid Damage”
0.50.31 - NSAID Phase III Report 1: Bed, Breakfast - coups diplomatiques a la Murree
1.05.43 - “Water in a Box”


Episode 15 - Will Mcdonald, Circuit Bender

We're back to close out the month of February with adventures in circuit bending: (the practice of dismantling and corrupting keyboards or electronic instruments).
My friend and Montevallo ex-pat Will Mcdonald joins me in the studio to give me a demo of his bent Casio SK-5, and we end up talking about V-2 Rockets and Word Magick.
This episode features a song by defunct Montevallo jazz group AL-QAEDA the GUN and a couple of selections from my more obscure word works.

Question of the week: <If you could say one statement to your 5-year-old self, what would it be?>

Also, for the first time, a viewer Q & A segment! Send your comments, questions, and art/stories/pitchforks to theearthhotel@gmail.com.

The Montevallo Music Podcast (archive) + Songbook Hypnoses (poetry/music album) + iMyoUiNG (instrumental conceptual album) by Jacquie Cotillard:
https://jacquiecotillard.bandcamp.com/ - - -
Dan Owens, Montevallo music lessons: 205-441-0987 /// 
Russell-Einstein Manifesto: http://www.spokesmanbooks.com/Spokesman/PDF/85russein.pdf

00.00.00 - The Earth The Earth The Earth Hotel Theme
00.01.26 - Burroughs/Russell/Einstein Cut-Up Invocation
00.03.41 - Opening Monologue
00.10.24 - Circuit Bending demo
00.21.18 - Viewer Mail (Q & A)
00.35.30 - "Kate's Plea" (from iMyoUiNG)
00.36.39 - News and Dates
00.45.55 - Will Mcdonald Interview
02.10.10 - Closing comments
02.12.16 - "Strobe Light" (from Songbook Hypnoses)
02.13.29 - "Extended Cave" by al-Qaeda the Gun!

Episode 14 - Whirlybird

Payton and Kit of Whirlybird join me in the studio to play songs, improvise, talk of many things, and hope hard for the future. This episode features two of their own songs, and an improvised track with the three of us. Whirlybird are a snappy rock duo with equal parts brain and heart.; watch out for them in Birminghams to come.

This episode also includes a cut-up of a recent fundraising letter from the Alabama Republican Party, and we find that when you cut into propaganda, you get more double-speak than you can shake a stick at.

Donate to the now sub-arctic-chilled Oceti Sakowin camp at Standing Rock - - - 

00.00.00 - Invocation (Prayer written by Lucien Greaves) 
00.01.47 - Opening Monologue and Upcoming Dates
00.19.38 - GOP Cut-Up
00.25.24 - Analysis and commentary
00.39.48 - News and Plans
00.47.07 - "Fall" by Whirlybird
00.49.09 - Whirlybird Interview
01.43.18 - "Shakey Thimble" (Improvised, Whirlybird and JC)
01.47.05 - "Sleepy Pilot" by Jacquie Cotillard
01.49.59 - "Money" by Whirlybird

(thumbnail photo courtesy of Curioobscura.com

Episode 10 - UFO Talk with Ryan Brown AND MORE. . .

This super-packed half show features my friend Ryan Brown and I sharing some spooky unexplained experiences we each have had. I also got around to writing an equally spoopy sonata to serve as our Podcast theme, and you'd better bet I'll re-perform it in so many future forms. The archives open up and give us a demo from my upcoming album HYPNOCRACY, and the Dizzy reports from that time we painted the town red with our new song "Confused as Hell." To finish up, I pull the books down from the trees and read 'em askew. Bookcase Cut-Up as a bookend. 

You can now order special copies of The Dizzy's looming album WRAPPED IN PLASTIC for $20 over at our S.T.O.R.E. 

Donate to MAPS (Multi-Disciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies) here to fund MDMA research for therapeutic purposes.

(You can find my overdue analysis of "Clara" here in Episode 11-2)

Thanks for supporting our first month back in the studio! Here's to as many granted us by the Loon Gods!@!@!@!

1. The Earth Hotel Theme - 0.00
2. Opening Monologue - 4.19
3. UFO Talk with Ryan Brown - 23.51
(Comments - 1.10.18)
4. "This Constitution Albatross (Demo)" - 1.12.32
5. A Special Announcement by the Dizzy
6. "Confused as Hell, Live!" (The Dizzy) - 1.20.41
7. Personal Musings - 1.23.41
8. Bookcase Cut-Up (Field Recording) - 1.32.34
9. Bookcase Cut-Up Analysis - 1.35.58
10. Introduction to "Clara" Analysis (Stay Tuned America) 1.55.36
11. Conclusion??? 2.01.24