Episode 23 - Adam Measel (of DOMMEL MOSEL)

He's a dommel good singer and a songwriter with the mosel tunes around. Adam Measel is the man within Dommel Mosel, the Birmingham pop "sadboy" group that brings morose quips to the jangly center of our collective heart. We met at a secret spot to talk on Memorial Day and I bring that convo to you. He recorded two original songs and we collaborated on a third for the moment's sake. 

Dommel Mosel (the band) performed as part of Avondale Fight Club 2: The Altercation on June 3rd, presented by Birmingham comedian Chris Ivey and featuring national Unbookable punk comic, JT Habersaat. 

The comedy gave way to Spicy Food Fight Club and the music for the evening: Hurl Yeah and Johnny Rock n Roll, two bands that are coming in our future together. You can hear Hurl Yeah's on Episode 19 with Neeta Burger, and this episode is the internet premiere of Johnny Rock N Roll. Enjoy these garage recordings with the promise of fidelic futures. Watch these folks.

Finally, the Baltimore enigma MEMS return to the show with a track from their album "All Mems Go to Heaven." Find them here: https://soundcloud.com/memsbaltimore

JT Habersaat here: http://jtcomedy.com/
and here: http://www.theroadpodcast.com/

Chris Ivey's Goulash Comedy: https://www.facebook.com/goulashcomedy/

Dommel Mosel here: https://dommelmosel.bandcamp.com/
You can see them on the miniseries "Welcome to Monotonia" here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KDzUOBCJ6kA

0.00.00 - Welcome to the Earth Hotel //
0.07.50 - "Old Life" - Dommel Mosel //
0.11.31 - Interview with Adam Measel //
0.32.31 - "Marco Polo" - Dommel Mosel //
0.41.41 - "Creeks" - Improvisation, AM and JC //
0.44.47 - A message from Born with Catheters //
0.46.19 - Righteous outrage talkin' blues //
1.00.23 - "Of Mice" by MEMS //
1.03.21 - Dommel Mosel Live! at Fight Club 2 //
1.11.55 - Johnny Rock n Roll Live! at FC2 //