Episode 47 - Jess Marie Walker of FLUSNOIX

I speak with the progenitor of the sound operation known as FLUSNOIX, the Birmingham installation of sonic artists who seek to communicate with each other and effect the good folks out there however they choose to be taken by the movement of air. 
Jess Marie Walker is the organizer and central cerebral hub of the improvisational group of musicians, and she has served in the ranks of the Southern avant-garde for many years. We discuss her journey from doodling in art class to performing complex multimedia art in galleries and exhibition spaces across the country. 

”it ran” and “into” - 
Jess Marie Walker : flusdrawxing, flusvoxing
Joel Nelson : guitar
Jasper Lee : bass, cello
Cody Iott : electronics
Improvisations recorded March 2 & 16, 2016
at the Kewahatchee Lounge, Birmingham, AL
Recorded & Mixed by Jasper Lee
Mastered by Sean McCann

Jess Marie Walker : flusdrawxing, flusvoxing
Joel Nelson : guitar, clarinet
Cody Iott : electronics, guitar
Michael Pihakis : guitar
Jasper Lee : bass
Walker Yancey : percussion 

Improvisations recorded March - May 2016 in Birmingham, AL
at North Birmingham Savings & Trust, the Nick, Shift & the Kewahatchee Lounge


0.00.00 - Welcome to the Show
0.03.56 - ”On Time” - Khalil Gibran read by Jess Marie Walker
0.05.51 -Interview Pt. 1
0.23.38 - “it ran” - Flusnoix, March 71
0.26.09 - Interview Pt. 2
01.05.45 - “into”
01.07.22 - A Message from Beers and Broads
01.08.08 - Question of the Week and Thanks
01.09.43 - Flusnoix at Monotonia, March 73
01.36.00 - Future News
01.38.02 - “19:19” - Flusnoix, March 71


Episode 46 - Julianna Richey (Visionary Artist)

On this most jubilant return to form, I welcome the apple of my eye herself to the show to speak to us about her time at the Vienna Academy of Visionary Art and how the transcendent can be captured on canvas. The future holds much art discussion and outward spiraling from this place. 

Sources from the show:

About the Torri seminar: http://academyofvisionaryart.com/seminar/2018-seminar

Sophia - Alex Grey: https://alexgrey.com/art/paintings/sacred-mirrors/


Thunder, Perfect Mind: http://gnosis.org/naghamm/thunder.html
Four Directions Prayer: http://aktalakota.stjo.org/site/News2?page=NewsArticle&id=8582

The Hubcap Thieves: https://store.cdbaby.com/Artist/HubcapThieves

0.00.00 - Prayer to the Four Directions (J/J)
0.01.52 - Welcome, Dates, and Episode Rundown
0.12.40 - “Ghosts” - AeonPilgrim ed. Adam Ramsey
0.15.25 - Part 1: Visionary Art & Archetypes
0.30.31 - “All Prayers Answered by Mail” - The Hubcap Thieves
0.34.52 - Part 2: Vienna Academy of Visionary Art
0.54.37 - (Thank You...)
0.55.18 - The Thunder Perfect Mind (JR)
1.06.39 - About TPM and Closing
1.19.06 - “(It Was A) Crispy Dream” - Carl JR at The Hotniss 73


Episode 27 - The Murder of Jane Crow

This episode belongs to the witchy, moving, darkly funny trio of ladies known as The Murder of Jane Crow. They visited the EH studio to talk about their history, songwriting, interest in the thriving downfall of humanity, and the joy that can be found within decadent camaraderie. Bonus part II of the episode is a lengthy dissertation by your graceless host about an upcoming proposed Birmingham City Ordinance that's currently scaring my pants off. 

You can find all the DEETS about MJC below, and be sure to check the dates to see them live.
Saturday Sept. 23 - Syndicate Lounge w/ Mothface and the Vorpal Sword
Friday Oct. 13 - Evol Ink Tattoos
Friday Oct. 27 - Red Hills Brewery
Saturday Oct 28 - Halloween show at the Nick w/ Leaderdog
Friday Nov. 3 - Oak Hills Cemetary (Bards and Brews)


across the basin, a pillbox jigger messily coiffures
in the wind, the moniker ripcord thwack might send the priapic cisterns giddily disgorging

Monday Sept 25 - 8pm Goulash Comedy - Shane Torres @ Goulash Comedy
Tuesday Sept. 26 - 10pm Battito at the Nick with Blake Berglund
Friday Sept. 29 - The Yellow Dandies at Oasis 9pm
Saturday Sept. 30 - Cahaba at Crestwood Tavern 9pm

Equality Alabama event page: 
Text of the ordinance proposal: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0ByZPs6t2k8vJY09pMFAxQ21NbWM/view
Public Hearing and Media Message training:

0.00.00 - Jacquie's Wacky Welcome //
0.01.27 - The Riffing of Redrum //
0.02.04 - Dates and News! //
0.10.32 - "Whipping Post" //
0.12.50 - "My Lobotomy" //
0.16.57 - Murder of Jane Crow interview //
0.49.46 - "Intermezzo" //
0.52.01 - Thank Yous and Intro to Editorial Rant //
0.54.42 - On Ordinance to Establish Bham Human Rights Committee //
2.07.24 - Actual outro //*

Ep 27 mjc.jpg

Episode 24 - Joel Nelson


Our compatriot Joel Nelson is the guest on this first episode of the new season. We have a long exchange about his new habitat in Oakland, CA, what performance and audiences are like out in the West, Maggie Nelson's The Art of Cruelty, and the function of art in making some sense out of this mucky world we have here. 
Thanks to everyone for returning anew, we have a stew for you.

Format's the same, style and sound are turned up a few screws, and the guests this jaunt around are gold. 
We have a long backlog of sounds and oddities to reveal to you as this train pulls away from the station, please remain on the line.

00.00.00 - Welcome from Jake Easter //
00.00.21 - Season Three! (feat. "Heave(n)" demo by Jordan Rickerson) //
00.05.08 - Gamelan Composition #3 - Joel Nelson et al. //
00.09.02 - Conversation with Joel Nelson //
01.59.58 - "A Structure of Wholeness in a Simple Case" by Dylan Burchett - Joel Nelson et al. //
02.07.57 - "Bebop Fake 1, in G?" (JC and al-Qaeda the Gun!) //