Episode 10 - UFO Talk with Ryan Brown AND MORE. . .

This super-packed half show features my friend Ryan Brown and I sharing some spooky unexplained experiences we each have had. I also got around to writing an equally spoopy sonata to serve as our Podcast theme, and you'd better bet I'll re-perform it in so many future forms. The archives open up and give us a demo from my upcoming album HYPNOCRACY, and the Dizzy reports from that time we painted the town red with our new song "Confused as Hell." To finish up, I pull the books down from the trees and read 'em askew. Bookcase Cut-Up as a bookend. 

You can now order special copies of The Dizzy's looming album WRAPPED IN PLASTIC for $20 over at our S.T.O.R.E. 

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(You can find my overdue analysis of "Clara" here in Episode 11-2)

Thanks for supporting our first month back in the studio! Here's to as many granted us by the Loon Gods!@!@!@!

1. The Earth Hotel Theme - 0.00
2. Opening Monologue - 4.19
3. UFO Talk with Ryan Brown - 23.51
(Comments - 1.10.18)
4. "This Constitution Albatross (Demo)" - 1.12.32
5. A Special Announcement by the Dizzy
6. "Confused as Hell, Live!" (The Dizzy) - 1.20.41
7. Personal Musings - 1.23.41
8. Bookcase Cut-Up (Field Recording) - 1.32.34
9. Bookcase Cut-Up Analysis - 1.35.58
10. Introduction to "Clara" Analysis (Stay Tuned America) 1.55.36
11. Conclusion??? 2.01.24