Episode 22 - Live at the Soft Rock Bungalow (Sex Camel + GS&N)

Last week we were treated to a rocking evening at the Soft Rock Bungalow starring Giant Sunbeam and the Noise and a beast of a band indeed: SEX CAMEL. This foursome of gentlemen make the sex desert passable and the sex dessert just within reach. Giant Sunbeam and the Noise Boys lent their bizarre twist to jazzy funk and laid down a killer middle set, and the Dizzy closed out with a mad powerhouse which was sadly not captured for posterity. We hope you enjoy this delicious bit of live hijinks with Sex Camel and GS&N. Stay tuned for more live footage and interviews with Birmingham artists, musicians, movers, shakers, and one ornery candlestick maker.

For three exclusive tracks by Giant Sunbeam and the Noise, email us at theearthhotel@gmail.com and we'll make it happen for your earbits.


0.00.00 - Welcome from Matchi and Intro //
0.06.14 - Welcome to the Soft Rock Bungalow! //
0.11.05 - Sex Camel! //
0.11.51 - "Cool Cool Cats" //
0.14.22 - "Calloway Gardens" //
0.17.35 - "Pretty Girls" // 
0.21.50 - "Disjointed Photo Man" //
0.23.49 - "Pants Have Become" //
0.26.56 - "Slow Fish" //
0.31.20 - "Sex Desert" //
0.37.37 - A PSA from Born With Catheters //
0.39.19 - Giant Sunbeam and the Noise! //
0.40.27 - "Collusion" //
0.43.27 - "The Swamp" //
0.47.30 - "For Once, Pretend" //
0.54.47 - Outro, teaser //

Kirsten (Lady Sunbeam) and Ryan Brown (a Noiz Boy) of GS&N

Kirsten (Lady Sunbeam) and Ryan Brown (a Noiz Boy) of GS&N