Episode 11 - Spectral Wolfpack Squad (Paranormal Investigators)

We've been away and yet return unphased. The Earth Hotel continues as a weekly venture and a practice in stereopolitick. This week, Aislinn and Alex of Birmingham's Spectral Wolfpack Squad delve into their passion and sensitivity to the phantasmic and obscure to share stories and ideas from their time as paranormal investigators. You can find video documentation of their travels and experiences HERE...
(and their Facebook for the contactees: https://www.facebook.com/Spectralwolfpacksquad/ )

1. The Earth Hotel Sonata (for Solo Synthesizer) - 0.00
2. Opening Monologue - 1.48
3. "Godpater, Godhead? Some Family is Dead!" (for Solo Piano) - 13.48
4. Spectral Wolfpack Squad - 19:30 (intro begins at 18:28)

This extended two-part episode continues with my analysis of "Clara" by Scott Walker, (Episode 11, Part II)