Announcement and News Redundancies

Greetings friends! 

We would like to formally announce the end of our second season. Fatal equipment failure has brought us to an opportune end, and we will take the break to re-establish a base of operations and line up a new round of substantial, interesting, and high-fidelity programming in our shared future. Season 3 will begin in mid-August with an interview with Joel Nelson. HOWEVER! We do have a special coming next week featuring the surreal and Lynchian Brooklyn band [A Place Both Wonderful and Strange], in preparation for our joint gig at the Nick on August 15th. Stay in tune for that, and we will return to the air quite soon. Thank you for your continued support, and watch the EH site for major changes incoming. We are in a bizarre process of growth and resurrection. 
- Jacquie Cotillard, Operator

Id imperfectum manet dum confectum erit.

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