Episode 33 - Loi Loi (from Washington D.C.)

The voice has come back and it tells us that there's a new episode of the Earth Hotel. You know that now, however unlikely it was you made it here without knowing that. The voice does not lie. This week we welcome the duo Loi Loi to the city of Birmingham, the Red Mountain's own melting valley, and they found it to their liking. The electronic pair made a stellar impression on the folks of the Syndicate Lounge, and we sat about within the Soft Rock Bungalow for an interview about their debut EP Viva la Vulva, which you can preview here and truly hear below.


Dec. 6 @ Art Town - Antifest - the Earth Hotel Live! w/ Shannon Ellis and Celeste Pfau
Dec. 8 @ SRB - Frozen Yogurt, KYLE, the Dizzy, Jacquie Cotillard
Dec. 9 @ Art Town - Jacquie Cotillard performance at The Beautiful and the Hideous
Group Show #17
Dec. 15 @ Location TBA: Earth Hotel Christmas Party and First Lobby Podcast
Dec. 16 @ Revelator Coffee - EH Live! at Indie Pop Up Record Shop
Dec. 19 @ Nick - Steel City Jug Slammers, the Dizzy, Queer Ren Faire Dance Party,
Poppy Fields
Dec. 29 @ SRB - Top Shelf Burlesque w/ music TBA

0.00.00 - The Raving Radio Relcomes You //
0.02.23 - Opening Statements, Announcements, Dates //
0.15.14 - LOI LOI: "You May Be" //
0.19.12 - & "Responsibilidades" //
0.22.05 - EH House Band: "Crumbly Cabaret" //
0.23.59 - Loi Loi Interview - Kristie and Johnny //
(break song: "Habit That Kick Man" - JC archive) //
1.16.35 - Poem from Re/Act (yr 70) - "Swim in the Road" //
1.18.20 - State of the Show news //

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