### Special Episode: Russ Marshalek of A PLACE BOTH WONDERFUL AND STRANGE

If you can see this then we're back. Don't turn around, don't look behind your phone. There's nothing under there. 
This is a Pre-Season 3 Special Episode to bring us into and through August to the sweet Autumn. 
I speak with Russ Marshalek of the raving occult freak-out trio A PLACE BOTH WONDERFUL AND STRANGE, and we cover ground like witches cover ground. He tells me about his personal relationship with the occult, how it pervades his music, and the depth of psychological goodies to be found in the places yet unscoured. The interview carries over into an analysis of a relevant and famous except of Macbeth, and in between we hear previews of the album from APBW&S.

More to come in the aftermath of our show together at the Nick with The Murder of Jane Crow, contemporary to this special. 

Stay neatly frosted while we compose shows. Watch the tail of August for a whistling stream of new releases and big developments from the Earth Hotel propaganda conglomerate. 

Thank you all. 

(Keys to Open Doors: The Hidden Life of Laura Palmer)


"The sound of a place both wonderful and strange is that of a heady paganistic fever dream that keeps the waking world slightly at bay, a warm and heavy hand across your eyes. It is the sound of sleep paralysis, a darkness shaking and ravaging your psyche with unease, mystery and wonder. However, it’s not just about what you can hear. Often, if you’re hearing it, it’s too late.

a place both wonderful and strange exists in a world hyper-influenced by the occult, David Lynch and Janet Jackson, damaged by witch house and pop culture in equal measures."

0.00.00 - Welcome Baa-aack //
0.03.16 - "Cinder (Ft. Okti)" (APBW&S, excerpt) //
0.04.36 - Interview with Russ Marshalek of APBW&S //
0.53.27 - "Hex and the City" (APBW&S) //
0.56.56 - Post-interview notes //
0.59.43 - Analysis of Macbeth Act II Scene 1 Soliloquy  //
1.04.58 - (Spoken performance) //
1.40.57 - "Bit Warble"  //