Episode 16 - Neeta Burger (Boringham)

Myself is joined by Neeta-Burger-self and Kevin-Peek-self in Neeta's apartment to talk a LOT about music, the local scene, emotional selves, and the ticking clock of life. Neeta shares her time and talent between her original act, Sister Sniffle, now a band, Spores, a local "magical" act, and a solo acoustic act showcased here, BORINGHAM. Kevin plays with a local rock group by the name of Hurl Yeah. Included in this show is a song cut from segments of sound provided by my previous guest, Will Mcdonald, and his circuit-bent Casio SK-5. 

You can listen to that Episode here, time stamp 00.10.24 for the circuit-bending demo from which all non-vocal sounds in the song originate.

March 4 - Jacquie Cotillard @ Soft Rock Bungalow with Easy/Idle Threat/Portsmouth (8pm) // 
March 5 - That 1 Guy @ Syndicate (7pm) // 
March 8 - Sister Sniffle and Dead Balloons @ Firehouse (7pm) // 
March 9 - Jacquie Cotillard/Whirlybird/Kyle Weems @ Eclipse (9pm) // 
March 11 - Boringham with Wray/Operator Music Band/Tear Down the Walls (7pm) // 

New releases from Birmingham in the coming months! 
Jasper Lee - Mirror of Wind https://soundcloud.com/jasper-k-lee
Minerals - Gloaminghttps://socialcancer.bandcamp.com/album/gloaming
Cahaba - Bad Astronaut
Hurl Yeah - Deep Dish
Sister Sniffle  - Thinking About Conversations EP
Boringham - Cavity in the Ground /
Jacquie Cotillard - Songs from Hypnocracy /

Viewer Submissions - Kyle Weems: "Found His Ohms"

00.00.00 - Welcome (The Earth Hotel Sonata)
00.03.29 - Opening Monologue/Dates
00.09.01 - Boringham "Outside"
00.11.06 - Neeta Burger & Kevin Peek
00.46.16 - Boringham "Good Childhood" (Interview break)
01.33.08 - End of Interview
01.34.41 - Song cut from Ep. 15 - "Nuance" with Neeta Burger
01.37.03 - "Letter from Hell" - Short fiction
01.44.57 - New Releases
01.55.13 - Viewer Submission: Kyle Weems - "Found His Ohms"
01.58.31 - Archive: HARE - "Leave Home"