Scott Walker Analysis Series Ep. 1 - "Clara"


In this retroactive series, I explore the history and technique behind the song "Clara" on Scott Walker's 2006 album The Drift.

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Also featured is a much shorter and more dance-able number, a single from the Dizzy's new album Wrapped in Plastic, FRANK'S NIGHTMARE. The Earth Hotel and Tiny Criminals Management is proud to represent and share the musical inquisition of the Dizzy.

You can buy a copy of Wrapped in Plastic from the Dizzy right over here.

Thanks again to our guests this week, Spectral Wolfpack Squad. (SWS)

1. "Clara" Analysis - 0.00
2. A Message by the Dizzy - 1.02.30
3. "Frank's Nightmare" - 1.03.13

[I absolutely do not own The Drift, "Clara," or the album art by Vaughan Oliver at v23. Clip of Scott Walker's interview taken from the documentary 30 Century Man (available here). the Dizzy perpetually thanks George Romero for his Night of the Living Dead. This episode provided by passion and good faith.]

Newsreel footage of Piazzale Loreto can be viewed below. For more images, (GRAPHIC) click here.

Scott Walker -the drift.jpg