Operator Log (v. 1) and Table of Contents

This Operator Log will be updated from time to time,
as we learn more and increase our range.
Log notes for each entry may also be found
under their respective accounts.

Entries by Subject:

“Operator/Jacquie” _O
(Prologue, Whose Turn Is It Eps. 43-49)
4IO-1: "Whose Turn Is It Now?"
5IO-2: "Waiting for the Daytime Manager"
8IO-3: “Writing on the Walls (We’re Still Waiting)”

“Basement Man” _B
1SB-1: "From the Basement of the Third Floor" #1
2IX-1: Intercepted Recording* (Basement Man?)
7XB-3: “Basement Tapes 2”
9IB-4: ”The Basement Man in Room 13”

“Rabbit” _C
3SC-1: "Rabbits That Live Here"
6SC-2: "Rabbits Told Me"

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9IB-4: "The Basement Man in Room 13"

Report created V 22/2019-74 - source material recorded VI 15/2018-73

In light of recent reports, I dug up an incident from close to exactly a year ago that I happened to have with me, backed up in our mobile cache. In the early and freewheeling days of our occupation of the Operator Desk, the television set in the Lobby sparked to life and showed me this scene which was automatically recorded by my equipment. Unfortunately at this time I have no method by which I may give you the video footage, so I have processed the audio for clarity and added a selection of audio annotations from my report at the time of my receiving the incident. Details from Operator Log incoming.

8IO-3: "Writing On The Walls (We're Still Waiting)"

8IO-3: “Writing on the Walls (We’re Still Waiting)” _O
V/13/74 - Extracted Memory, Annotated by O - Date of Memory circa. II 13/74

In which your Operator awaits the Daytime Manager in an interrogation chamber, tells a spooky bar story, and writes his madness word weapon all over the walls and furniture.
Operator Log:

[Details O experience in waiting for the appearance of _DM in Interview-1^ and experiencing increased psy-op offensive pressure. In a brief monologue, O recalls an experience in the Union Shop Dance Club, speaking with an active dreamer named McCartney, in which the two watched themselves be broadcast on the club's dormant television set, leading to the discovery of the highly-unstable open-circuit viewing available through the television sets scattered throughout the hotel, and the installation of a portable set in the Lobby across from the Operator Desk. O comments on strategy and setting up means of defense, regarding what to expect of _DM, compares threat inside of room under psychick attack and outside under more brutal and obscure dangers, and prepares leximal defenses by writing random words on the door in a sigilic pattern, and spreading out onto the wall containing the door. He overturns the desk, continuing to write and speak words on the underside. At this point in the memory, extracted during a procedure at remote station HCF+, the inner-mind interference created by the feed-back weapon causes an unexplained channeling incident, which O gains control over with deep breathing, giving an OM chant as _DM entered.]

7XB-3: "Basement Tapes 2"

7XB-3: "Basement Tapes 2" - ("Basement Man" _B)
V/12/74 - Origin unknown, intercepted - Recorded via Remote Desk HCF+

This case and recording are truly bizarre. What you are about to hear is another intercepted recording of what I can assume to be an account written by the Basement Man. Only, the voice is not his. It’s mine. My voice on the airwaves. It’s an account...that I never recorded.

Operator Log:

7XB-3: "Basement Tapes 2" - ("Basement Man" _B)

V/12/74 - Origin unknown, intercepted - Recorded via Remote Desk HCF+

[Intercepted audio recording of an EH broadcast in the IL form, detailing what O blieves to be continuation of the basement account. _B describes "slamming noise from phone in [_2]'s hand"; three sets of feet running through hallway into stairway X-(X+1); _B terminates conversation with _2 (see 2IX-1), leaving Rm. X (3B) into hallway X (dark purple/green flowers). Stairway X-(X-1) taken to hallway X-1 (red/purple, cool). _B describes whispers in hallway, "concerned with [his] presence but not angry." Encountered conspicuous door 13(X-1), (utility lock, wide door like janitor's closet) and entered.]

{NOTE: Interception of this account via remote recorder similar to a paranormal hack "ghost box," which receives and transmits moving through the Hotel or astral landscape. Account received was an IL report, apparently taken out of time in a future or timeline which has not presently come to fruition. Case reminds me of a remote viewing of Russel Targ, a noted expert in the field, in which he was viewed by a colleague as being in the documentary film Third Eye Spies, her seeing from the camera's perspective, the film being the most concise, psychickally available source of information. I believe these devices work under similar means, and that somehow this interception of my own transmissions out of time was easier than transmitting the original message, which from the context of the recording, was originally a written account. More questions than answers regarding the Basement Man. We'll see what happens next and investigate the space upon our successful return to L.}

NOTE: synchronistic and spontaneous title of underscore to intro to 7XB-3: "Sympathetic Sim 3 Under 7XB-3" taken from "Simulation 3 for Mandolin" without thinking.

6SC-2: "Rabbits Told Me"

6SC-2: "Rabbits Told Me" - ("Rabbit" _C)
V/1/74 - Telegram - Remote Desk HCF+ Box

From the continuing account of the unknown person submitting words to our psychick mail, known for now as “Rabbit” or _C, in the technical log. For the first part of this thread, see Entry 3SC-1. We hope there will be more to come, as we are set to change location again as we approach the infiltration/recapture of the Main Operator Desk in the Lobby, in whatever state it might be in. Think hard on it folks. Picture it to keep it alive and functional. We can really use your brainwaves and intentions right now. Thanks. -JC

All entries have extended technical notes which can be found in the Operator Log.

If you have information or stories of your own from within these or other obscure spaces, reach out to our land location at theearthhotel@gmail.com.

+ + +

First one appeared, white, then a couple more- one with calico spots. Gradually their little warren of  7 or 8 appeared from the unseen underground. The rabbits moved about slowly; inspecting, encircling me, and speaking with a wary and grave air. I heard them speak, in perfectly legible voices. I wondered if they were speaking English (as I was hearing it), or if I was simply understanding them. Their overlapping hushed voices said, almost like a chant, being tossed across their ring:

"It's asleep the human is asleep she’s asleep there’s something she doesn’t know she needs to know what is the thing she needs to know? In order to change the crystal with the energy of the sun, she’ll need the magnifying glass.”

Upon hearing this final gem of information, I had what I needed - which I hadn't known I was listening for beforehand- it was a spontaneously certain action to leap up immediately once it was delivered.

The rabbits scattered unmiraculously, all at once. With fate alongside me, I already had the "magnifying glass", which I recognized instantly as being personally sigilic-- a glass paperweight I had been gifted as a child. It was the crystal I needed. I left the field.

I remember walking briskly away, further into another part of the walled landscape, which was western-looking: desert red, all rocky and barely decorated by scrubby dry brush.

Looking back, I saw two shadowy men. Cowboy-film tableau, outlaw figures, silently trailing me. Having been seen, they picked up their pace and I took long bounds, before hopping from a knoll and down into the canyon gap below, and fell—

Back into myself, in the lounge room, with the blurred blue ceiling.

Certain and spontaneous, I sprung out of the chair. Now alone, my companions vanished, I set back to sprinting the halls and void, empty breezeways. I loudly expressed the prompt of the rabbits' message, the words vitally important and useful, contagious. I ran back out to the broad corridors, shadows behind me, and into another atrium, whose depth was immense, a facade of high-ceilings, and the wall before me with another false door, all glass.

Here I was cornered by the two shadow cowboys and a team of corporate mercenaries— I knew what to do, as I had found the crystal to charge: with the energy of the missing sun, with the magnifying glass.

I held it in my hand.

From Operator Log:

[Continues Rabbit account, received as and released as two distinct installments. As with previous entry 3SC-1, O manipulated speaking voice to indicate speaker, and added dramatized musical and sound effects.]

{Account of experience in Prarie-Zone_X with "Rabbits" C3-10^. Entities believed to be PR due to knowledge only of personal, details, indicating that pathotic dreams may be projectable into the EH by strong dreamers or active agents.

Note: the appearance of such pathotic confirmation renders figures XC1-2 from 2SC-1 as C1-2^. This assumption is supported by the seemingly telepathic communication between _C and "Rabbits," which is entirely personal in nature.}

Dream-like chase ensues with generic PR "enemies." _C returns out from chase locations (Prarie Zone and Glasswall Atrium) to Blue Room, centered around sigilic object with personal significance, with attached meaning for _C regarding the dream itself. Our significance lays in the strength of projected spaces or their pre-conceived existence within the EH, and the potential strength and remaining presence of _C.

[NOTE: "Suggested action: Upon returning to Main Desk, if recoverable, apply extant information and enact plan to radiolocate _C activity or mentioned locations. Ears open. The story appears to continue."

NOTE: The text was written in a clearly organized fashion, in two parts. Proper grammar, spelling, and formatting are used, as evident in direct quotations in this entry.

I deduce that since this entry bears evidence of having been written down, and being transferred via our imprinting, "psychick mail," that _C "Rabbit" is an adept or potent psychick sender/receiver, and as such a process requires a co-signing of forces as previously described by O, _C has, in order of likeliness:

1) found themselves within the EH and is accompanied by mitigating forces (un)/consciously, or so carries
protection or interference sources.
2) aligned with forces outside of the EH to project inward through dream practice,
3) found/inserted themselves into the dream layer with foreknowledge of the EH, thereby granting a collaborative force outright.]

5IO-2: "Waiting for the Daytime Manager"

5IO-2: "Waiting for the Daytime Manager" (IV/5/74)
Recording Retrieved from Remote Device, Annotated by O - [Remote Desk CDCG+ Manual Entry]

Operator Log:

[Testimony begins within assumed PR space - small office reminiscent of an interrogation room, dressed with niceties to (distract/reinforce) oppressive function (Interview-1^).

Account of O experience in creating PX staff (Tech)O1,2~, (Collections)O1-4~, (Phys. Main.)O1-3~, and (Psy. Main.)O1,2~.

Observations of state of Desk and Lobby; notable notes: Box, Intercom, Television intact and apparently functional. At time of account, integrity and security of received communications X, as is the level of information known to corrupted and/or installed enemy PX staff entities and threat X.

Account indicates possible PR or manipulation of Lobby, as skylights to certainly PR Earth sky and sun feature prominently in Lobby at time of account. No other incongruous details were presently available.

O encountered (Tech)O1~, who entered Interview-1^ to verify functionality of recording equipment X for the purpose of the "interview." Conversation yielded details of staff (see below), imminent appearance of (DM)X1x to conduct interview, and allegiance of (Tech)O1~, having acted and responded in service of X. Security of (Coll.)O1~ X.

Account ends with exit of (Tech)O1~, leaving O awaiting further interaction.
{Remaining EH PX Staff (according to (Tech)O1~, security X): (Tech)O1~, and (Coll.)O1~.

Suspected PR/PX entities (believed to be entirety of hostile staff X) are:
(See above), (Bellman)X1, (Clerk)X1, (Daytime Manager)X1 (DM). (endtagdesig.x)}

Note: Experience took place under circumstances of intense psy-op offensive. Time-dilation, memory injection and/or PR, PX entities, and looping techniques were employed against O in what is believed to be attempt to:

1) trap or arrest O in constructed means according to EH logic,
2) demoralize/disorient/incapacitate O psychologically/psychikally,
3) retrieve information from O for purposes X, 4) corrupt, hijack, or feed on O and remaining EH structure.

3SC-1: “Rabbits That Live Here"

Submission received via Letter Box 9/15/73_2018

“I was running through the halls, a crossing network pattern, with two friends,
in a combative flee from an organized shady business group.

We ran, up a couple or a few floors, in a column, straight up.
I found a room with a chaise lounge and a sky-blue ceiling,
and laid down, (deliberately, but without a plan).

Then I was walking through an expansive land zone,
into a field of tall, brilliantly golden grass, the walls dim and distant.
One friend had been behind me, and I turned to tell them:
‘there are rabbits that live here’
and my friend was no longer there.

Now I had a plan.
Again, knowingly,
I laid down in the grass.
I slowed my breathing, and left my eyes just barely cracked to
gaze through fuzzy lashes.”

Operator Log:

3SC-1: "Rabbits That Live Here" - ("Rabbit" _C)
IX/15/73 - Telegram - Received in Desk Box

[Dream experience submitted via word receiver (Box) at Desk - Origin and Location X
Written as account in past-tense, undated. Narrative is seemingly unfinished.
Rm. X sky-blue ceiling. Prairie LZ, tall golden grasses. Unknown SZ.]

{Speaker _C accompanied by friends (XC1,2). Un-diff. and A_X.
XC1 accompanied _C through unknown transit from Blue Room to Land Zone and disappeared,
lending to possible desig. C1^ -*unverified-. XC2 location/desig. X
_C mentions "organized shady business group," believed to be PR from dream_C.
No corroboration from Staff observations.

Notes: _C is an interesting case. Potentially a powerful projector. Active Agent designation is not currently possible, _C suspended at A_2-3 for three reasons:

1) _C was able to navigate Stem Zone X without harm, and found Staircase X intuitively.

2) It is unknown from what level of awareness the decisions were made to lie down in
chaise/grass, and the outcome of such. Chaise action resulted in transit, which is
unprecedented. Potentially a powerful Active Agent, though desig. A_2-3 remains
suspended without further reports or observations.

3) It also remains unknown under what conditions the testimony was transmitted to Desk
Box. Account seems directed to a non-specific audience (past tense) and is clearly
written. How did this happen? A_1 remains possible due to this variable.

2IX-1: Recording of Intercepted Transmission

Intercepted 9/15/73_2018:
The intercom atop the marble alerted me to a situation in an obscure sector of the Hotel currently uncharted and hitherto unknown to the staff. I answered and captured only a fragment to record and transcribed as best I could.

”[with buzzing and interference of message, sound of phone being handled]

ONE: Relax! STOP! Fucking relax! ... [noise, distortion] … You can go to hell if you want to do that!
OTHER: [beat, muffled grumbling] … [high, metallic screeching in distance, interference]
ONE: And what did you decide to do? You brought that in here yourself, your stupid smile did this, and you can just (unintelligible)?! . . . [much chaotic shuffling. Silence.] . . .

OTHER: We didn’t (unintelligible)… at fuckin’ college, man... Ridiculous shit, we trusted a cuckoo. ... Privileged assholes association.
ONE: That doesn’t matter now, dude. Maybe it's not important now... I can’t babysit you in this box anymore. You made your own damn bed. I’m going upstairs.
OTHER: If you can FUCKING find it!!!
[slam, chaotic swell of noise, static, phone disconnects]”

After the call ended I notified {Collections} and we searched a few of the nearest accessible staircases.
Walked up four or five different directions and spread out among ourselves.

Nothing through the walls, all door frames encountered were intact and lighting is holding up okay. We figured this was related somehow with the new talk of recording phone calls in house. I asked {Tech} if they had picked up the recorders we had left on 447-F and none were recovered. Our best option is to collect smaller exchanges and distribute more regularly.
The task of cutting up responsibilities is nigh, I suppose. No man is a desk, or a sofa.
Workplace casualties are expected, but nothing permanent.
The letter that came on the 15th makes a bit more sense in context, but we haven’t seen occupants in several months. We hear and see the evidence of people moving through, but actual interaction has been desolate.

Operator Log:

2IX-1: Operator Summary of Intercepted Recording - (Believed to be 3B #2 -*unverified-)
IX/14/73 - Recorded transmission - Intercepted at Desk

[Transmitted(?) incident occurring in Rm. X (See 1SB-1.);
Angry conversation, breakdown of dependent platonic relationship of Ox. (2)
_1 indicated moving "upstairs";
_2 indicated previous connection with _1 in "college" (implication X)
"You brought that in here yourself/your...smile did this" - _2]
{_1 believed to be _B (potential active agent A_1-2).
-- If correct, _2 presumed to be unknown entity holding phone in 3B Rm. X.
Unknown if A_1-2 is common b/w Ox. 1,2. --
_2: human male X; connection to _1. (Est. A_2-6 on appearance.)
Responded with direct 3D radial search {CollectionsO1-4~} of Staircases 1-4. Checked recorders, none surviving extant.

1SB-1: “From the Basement of the 3rd Floor of the Earth Hotel”

Submission received via Letter Box 8/15/73_2018

"To The Occupants of The Earth Hotel,

2 hrs private. One night. His phone at his side when I entered the room. The least I could do was ask about the certain awkwardness of his position. A verbal response would have given me some leverage. Whatever it was, it was. The most I will say is that the room was about the same as any other room except the only door was the one I was standing in. The phone was still at his side.

From The Basement of the Third Floor of The Earth Hotel"

Operator Log:

1SB-1: From the Basement of the Third Floor #1 - ("Basement Man" _B)
VIII/15/73 - Letter - Received at Desk

[Depicting status of Rm. X. Presumably 3B (Basement), location X]
{1 Speaker: (_B, active agent -*unverified-, Est A_1-2 if active)
1 unknown entity: presumed human male, details X}

Notes: No response from Staff. Unknown currently if Ox. are guests/PX/PR
A_ believed to be 1-2 due to addressing of location within Letter.
At present, an unprecedented development.

Prologue (From the Desk of the Operator #1)

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