Episode 39 - Live! at Syndicate! The Heavy Children + K.W.B.

My friends from Montgomery, the two instrument-ers that make up the Heavy Children drove up to speak on the stage and display their fares across the frets and flams. We were joined by KWB, my old friend from Montevallo-way who added his stunning clarity guitar to the occasion. As a group, we yelled at each other in a productive, literary fashion, showed our disdain for the subject of my own design, and crafted a handy bit of promotional material along the way. A truly reckless and wacky experiment in live event-ing. 

You can hear the Heavy Children here:

More to come from KWB in the future!

0.00.00 - What You Are About To Hear...
0.01.53 - Live Intro
0.04.27 - Opening Sound with Adam Devila
0.08.38 - The Earth Hotel Sonata
0.12.08 - Opening Monologue
0.18.42 - Invocation: "They See Us" from iMyoUiNG
0.21.10 - K.W.B.
0.43.35 - Group Reading Activity
0.46.58 - Intro to The Heavy Children
0.48.22 - The Heavy Children
1.03.16 - Protest Activity
1.08.11 - HC PT. 2
1.29.06 - Mix Set (Adam, Eric, KWB, JC)
1.45.16 - "Closing Remarks" - Diskrete Moozik and the JCs