From the Desk (III-24-74_2019) Inner Lobby Prologue

From the Desk - #1 (III-23-74_2019)

I didn't go away, friends. . . .

As I bring this operation back into equilibrium, I hope that you remain open to the transition. I seek to sew up the gaping wounds in the body of our operation, and help them heal and reform. I have a few practical changes to make:

As we re-establish this remote base of operations, we will be finding active agents and recalling previous contacts to join us in extended conversation, which we will air as independent installments. I want these conversations to be open-ended and untethered from the previous constraints of being the focus of a full episode. There are many people to talk to, and we will release these as they occur, hopefully at a rate of several a month.

Apart from these recorded instances and curated programs such as the long-delayed continuation of the Scott Walker analyses, we are continuing to illustrate and collect our experiences and those of others on the collective plane.

The Inner Lobby is a currently living project, and the workable details are coming together. The first three stories, if you happened to catch them in the last three episodes, served as a quality Alpha test and proof of concept. We maintain that the entries are accurate and they remain to be explored as we return to them. However, we must begin from where we currently find ourselves.

Our fourth entry in the Inner Lobby story was lost prior to broadcast, and must be re-constituted before it is re-released. We would like to check in periodically with these stories, on a nearly-weekly basis, as the stories are collected, verified, and transmitted. Once our equipment and full operative capacities are restored, we aim to provide a feature episode once a month with significant heft, most likely centered around a musical or extensively creative guest with whose work we can spend substantial time, as we've tried to do with previous interview episodes. This leaves plenty of time to include the fiction experiments, further forays into cut-ups, dramatic or serialized fiction and performances from outside sources, and the wealth of new music from our local quarter and abroad.

In short, we'll be staying engaged in frequent, manageable installments.

Consider this the prologue to the Inner Lobby proper, with more to come. In the future, if I have announcements, dates, or news otherwise, I will be making shortened versions of this type of address From the Desk, generally early in the week. By the time you're hearing this transmission, I'll be sitting down with a brave soul to break down their efforts in artistic autonomy in painstaking detail for your depraved entertainment.