minisode K - Dead Neighbors, Wax Fur, Frozen Yogurt LIVE

Earlier this month I ventured to a secret spot in Birmingham for a last-minute show swap with Dead Neighbors from Atlanta finishing up a recent tour, and two groups from our home beat; Frozen Yogurt, a raucous boom bap noise group, (from what I heard, arriving near the end of their set), and the joyously vicous Wax Fur. 
Tuesdays are for live show sessions and mix-match listening! More to come. 

0.00.00 - Seance with Dead Neighbors
0.07.25 - Frozen Yogurt (excerpt)
0.09.36 - Dead Neighbors
0.36.30 - Wax Fur

Find the bands here:

Frozen Yogurt are: Kenneth Noah and associates - - -
Wax Fur are: Jacob Boyd: Vocals/guitar; Jahad Cole: Bass/vocals; Sam Strickland: Traps/Vocals
Dead Neighbors are: Sebastian Marquez: Vox/guitar; Alex Addington: Bass; Sam Strickland: Drums

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