carl jr - motivational speaker

Carl JR grew up in an unknown corner of the Southeast, and was born sometime between the Eisenhower and Clinton administrations. He worked for a length of time in Las Vegas assisted by a certain cheveux reux, teaching the young man in the art of prop comedy. He developed a stage presence unrivaled in the telemarketing and motivational speaking circles, and nearly competed with Rev. Billy Graham in arm wrestling for the fate of the Christian Nation. You see how that went. So his story goes.

On a fateful day in 2016, in an elementary school gymnasium, he was struck by a bus driven by a certain metal-drumming internet constable, and suffered nearly fatal injuries. His coma lasted a year, and his recovery has continued ever since. Part of this process is returning to public speaking and his particular brand of musical motivation, inspired by his friends and handlers, currently stuck overseas, Biznah Krake and Bon Bon the Bloc Clown, each accomplished performers in their own right.

He was graciously accepted by Jacquie Cotillard as a member of the Earth Hotel team on several legal conditions, and has enjoyed limited success in Birmingham as he recovers his footing. He began his fifth Spring Seminar this year at Art Town in East Lake, presenting, “Un-Finding Success, and What Did I Do With It?” and continuing at Dan Sartain’s Barber Shop with the “Tax Season Showdown,” helping to educate potential small business owners on how to avoid tax fraud. Carl was met with resounding praise and success in Cullman, AL at Berkley Bob’s Coffee House where he profoundly inspired local people with his seminar: “Together We Go, Where We Have Not Gone Together Yet”. He is slated for a retrospective album release under the Earth Hotel label N-Lobby Sounds later in 2019.