Episode 42 - I Came Here For An Argument SWAPCAST

Our homegrown propaganda network continues as we welcome the boys from ICHFAA, the highly active Facebook discussion group-cum-livestream-cum-podcast to the Earth Hotel. This is the first episode with David and Dylan, with myself thrown in the free speech hotseat before stepping back to be plain-ol producer person. We discuss the point of the show, how it has come to be, and what might happen to us as a result of talking. 
The Podcast Gods are currently reviewing our case, so watch this site for the new ICHFAA podcast and subscribe on iTunes etc. when it happens! Here's to a future of friendly fighting.

This week's music:
"Empathy-Release-Empathy for Brass Quartet" by Joel Nelson
"The Noticing Song" by Cahabie Status Quotillard


Episode 41 - Alesha Dawson of Screen Door Review

The heat death swinging is all over and we return! There might be flies on you but there ain't no files that ain't backed up now so we can continue on the road of vantage seeking. My guest this week is a friend and former professor from my days in Montevallo, Alesha Dawson, who has gathered her own forces of words to bring forth the Screen Door Review, a quarterly compendium of Southern queer voices. We speak about medieval literature, the collegiate system, functions of learning, and how words have speakable power. 

Screen Door Review's first issue is online now! 

0.00.00 - The Wanderer - Old English poem
0.06.42 - Opening monologue
0.12.07 - Alesha Dawson interview
1.10.40 - "Virile Corpses and Ridiculous Notions from a Bangkok Floor" (from Songbook Hypnoses)
1.20.26 - Personal Montevallo stories from the road
1.30.29 - "File Caught a Flip" (demo)
1.32.57 - "Ish Kabibble" - Pete Markush, Brent Stauffer, Lee Waites, and JC
1.41.27 - Viewer Mail
1.42.31 - "From a Pig to Mr. Pie" - Joel Nelson, Dylan Burchett

Screen Door.jpg

minisode Q - Livestream Q & A No. 1

This is the record of the time! I collected a few fabulous folks in the wild forest of modern entertainment and we took to Youtube so I could answer their questions in real time. Topics include divination, art, AI, VR, magick, furries, modes of being, and other things. 
This is the first livestream I've ever done and we're excited for the possibilities. Let us know what else you'd like to see! theearthhotel@gmail.com

Chat Transcript:

Jacquie Cotillard - Hi folks in chat!

Joel Nelson - hello hello

Joel Nelson - It seems to be working! There is a black box on the right side of the screen

Joel Nelson - have a question! Can you talk about your compositions/music your working on now??

breonna taylor - can you tell us about Mother Horse Eyes? and all the freaky stuff you talked about in the last podcast?

Jordan Rickerson - Hey Jacquie! What other guests do you have planned for this season? Can you tell us? Loved the Dan Sartain episode.

breonna taylor - on your podcast, you mentioned "different states of being," about people who augment their reality to essentially become different characters i.e., furries, VR, etc. any further thoughts?

Julianna Richey - (Star emoticon, representing Zercon)

Hannah Smarr - What do you feel is a personal philosophy fuels the work you do with your music and in earth hotel?

breonna taylor - in regards to technology and how advanced humans have become, what are your feelings in regards to AI? how probable to you is the "AI takeover"?

Episode 40 - Wess Gregg of Sanctum Tattoos and Comics

We're back! I am your unread porter abiding over a rack. The socialist backspace corrects a thrust across each mortal sequel. The nearby trolley apologizes across a concatenate beast. Oh, how our shame pauses beside the melody!
You are returning to reenter the Earth Hotel as if you ever left.

Tue - Sat: 12 PM - 8 PM
Sun: 12 PM - 4 PM

For tattoo inquires:
Aaron - Aaronhamiltontattoos@gmail.com
Justin – Serial1313@bham.rr.com
For comic book inquires: sanctumtattoosandcomics@gmail.com

(205) 201-6862
4410 B 4th Ave South
Birmingham, AL 35222


Kill or Be Killed:

CACHE #2 is now available (for a limited time) at Sanctum! Rush and find it!

Bar Sticker Band of the Week series begins now with The Handsome Scoundrels from Mobile, AL. 

0.00.00 - HELLO from CHEW
0.01.06 - Invocation of the Oracle (From Metamorphoses, The Sibyl and Aeneas)
0.05.02 - Open sound: An Excerpt from the NSAID Vapor Library
0.06.21 - Intro from Jacquie
0.10.06 - Matchi Live at Syndicate Lounge - Untitled
0.14.45 - Cult of Skydog: "Go!!! No Wait!" (Breonna Taylor, Joel Nelson, Dylan Burchett)
0.20.59 - "Burroughs on Opie" (from NSAID Phase 2, 71 AN)
0.23.13 - Art Analysis Announcement! Scott Walker Series + They Might Be Giants
0.28.37 - The Handsome Scoudrels - "Sweetie Pox"
0.30.13 - Wess Gregg interview
1.18.00 - Untitled Piano Interlude
1.19.30 - Personal Talking about Compassion and Echoes


minisode P - Viewer Music Revue

We have come to that part in the story where lots of our beloved tell their own tales. Listeners from Oakland to Philadelphia and here in Birmingham have submitted their recent creative work to our coffers to be offers to your own special internal homunculus listening gods. Below are the artists featured and timestamps to skip around and return to your favorites. Enjoy!

Kily Payne - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCn_dRvwqyW5T2ajumkvitbA
The JimJims - https://thejimjimsbirmingham.bandcamp.com/releases
The Quickening - https://thequickeningmusic.bandcamp.com/
Tiki Zombie - https://store.cdbaby.com/cd/tikizombie
Possum Kingdom Ramblers - https://www.facebook.com/possumkingdomramblers/
Haha Mart - https://noumenalloom.bandcamp.com/album/haha-mart-family-denim
Rollo - https://rolotony.bandcamp.com/

0.00.00 - Welcome!
0.01.44 - Sleep Insurance - Kily Payne
0.04.33 - O Gypsy Lady, Where'dja Come From - The JimJims
0.08.44 - My Place in the Universe - The Quickening
0.14.09 - Welcome to Tiki Z's - Tiki Zombie
0.15.22 - When I First Found You - Possum Kingdom Ramblers
0.17.11 - Fall Time Specials - HaHa Mart
0.18.36 - Kokomo - Rollo
20.39 - 9:42 - Joel Nelson and Dylan Burchett
30.18 - Snake Oil Salesman - The JimJims
32.01 - What Kind of Character Are You? - The Quickening
38.06 - Hula Kahula - Tiki Zombie
40.13 - A Pineapple for Mr. Maui - HaHa Mart
42.41 - Animal of Love - Rollo
43.51 - Darling Darwin - All Boy All Girl

nuearth (2).jpg

Episode 39 - Live! at Syndicate! The Heavy Children + K.W.B.

My friends from Montgomery, the two instrument-ers that make up the Heavy Children drove up to speak on the stage and display their fares across the frets and flams. We were joined by KWB, my old friend from Montevallo-way who added his stunning clarity guitar to the occasion. As a group, we yelled at each other in a productive, literary fashion, showed our disdain for the subject of my own design, and crafted a handy bit of promotional material along the way. A truly reckless and wacky experiment in live event-ing. 

You can hear the Heavy Children here:

More to come from KWB in the future!

0.00.00 - What You Are About To Hear...
0.01.53 - Live Intro
0.04.27 - Opening Sound with Adam Devila
0.08.38 - The Earth Hotel Sonata
0.12.08 - Opening Monologue
0.18.42 - Invocation: "They See Us" from iMyoUiNG
0.21.10 - K.W.B.
0.43.35 - Group Reading Activity
0.46.58 - Intro to The Heavy Children
0.48.22 - The Heavy Children
1.03.16 - Protest Activity
1.08.11 - HC PT. 2
1.29.06 - Mix Set (Adam, Eric, KWB, JC)
1.45.16 - "Closing Remarks" - Diskrete Moozik and the JCs


Episode 38 - Dan Sartain

My Self and the man called Dan sat down in his lovely homestead to discuss the music thing we do and our hopes and prayers for liberty loving people everywhere. It's a great discussion featuring music selections from Dan, the Dizzy, and an old archive version of myself. Enjoy!

0.00.00 - Welcome! from The Sponsor
0.02.07 - Invocation of St. Syemon
0.06.06 - Viewer Mail! 
0.09.05 - "The World Is Gonna Break Your Little Heart" - Dan Sartain
0.11.04 - Interview with Dan
0.42.49 - "Walk Among the Cobras Pt. 1"
0.45.58 - Dan pt. 2
1.47.59 - "Moonlight Swim"
1.50.08 - Teaser for Scott Walker analysis: "Zercon, A Flagpole Sitter"
1.51.23 - "Don't Worry Kyoko (Mommy's Only Looking for Her Hand in the Snow)" by Yoko Ono (JC cover)
1.55.02 - "What's the Ugliest Part of Your Body? + Frank's Nightmare" - the Dizzy Live! at Cha Cha's Lounge

Episode 38.jpg

minisode O - Whose Turn Is It SWAPCAST (Episode 9: Setting the Mood)

Our first swapcast! If you're unfamiliar with the concept: coined by Doug Stanhope, it's when two programs go in on an episode together and each release it as their own -- for twice the jolly content!

These are good boys and fun players in their own right, enjoy our talk ---

"Episode 9. Setting the Mood  

The Boys sit down, turn down the lights, light some candles, and put on a record while we talk about how we get the ambience right for our games. They’re joined by Jacquie Cotillard, local musician, Nightwatch Operator Of The Earth Hotel, and Queen of the Ambient Zone. Wes, Dash, and Dotty try to keep up while Cline gets down on the Vibes. You can find Jacquie on Twitter at @JCotillard and the Earth Hotel at theearthhotel.org"


Episode 37 - Indie Pop-Up Record Shop Live! @ Revelator Coffee

The Earth Hotel was pleased as peaches to host the Indie Pop-Up Record Shop at Revelator Coffee on December 16th, and played witness to a myriad of talents and smiling faces who spoke sounds with me about their craft and lives. Join us! Musical samples abound throughout! Find the esteemed artists in the links below - - -

0.00.00 - You are inside of it... 
0.01.34 - “Cain Carving Finger” - An unknown invocation
0.06.14 - Intro + Caleb G from Pink Pyramids
0.15.43 - "Who Cares" - Pink Pyramids
0.19.54 - "Di Di Mau" - the Dizzy
0.26.58 - the Dizzy
0.30.49 - "Riverchase Galleria" - Ha Ha Mart
0.34.14 - Holly Waxwing and Isabell of Noumenal Loom Records
0.42.08 - "¯\_(ツ)_/¯" - Holly Waxwing
0.49.19 - Words from the Sponsor: "Jacquie 10 and Mr. Clean"
(and "Bobo's advice" by William S. Burroughs)
0.52.14 - "Excerpt from a Composition Accompanying Human Extinction" - Balcony View
0.57.54 - Chance Bridges of Balcony View
1.09.33 - "Promeefeus" - Adam Bomb
1.11.04 - "Sweet 200" - Urbandy
1.12.46 - Charlie Brown of Step Pepper Records
1.23.38 - "Snow Paralysis" - Omari Jazz
1.27.00 - "Suketo City" - Matchi
1.29.33 - "Moment" - Little Girl
1.33.50 - Lindsey Shante of Little Girl
1.42.53 - “Noface” -Jack Vogt  
1.45.00 - “Autopilot” - Now I Am Become Death
1.47.44 - “Pretend feat. Jas'mine Garfield” - Tyler Ambrosius

Pink Pyramids:

the Dizzy:

Noumenal Loom:

Holly Waxwing:

Balcony View:

Step Pepper Records:

Little Girl:



Episode 36 Pt. 2 - Milton Returns for Theoretical Talk!

You heard him here on Episode 34, and as promised, we're bringing you inspired talk of the world and a reading from Robert Anton Wilson, which we churn through and discuss, in addition to airing more exquisite sounds from Them Natives. Stay tuned for live podcasts and the incoming Listener Music Revue episode! Thanks for a great year, here's to the future ~

You heard him here on Episode 34, and as promised, we're bringing you inspired talk of the world and a reading from Robert Anton Wilson, which we churn through and discuss, in addition to airing more exquisite sounds from Them Natives. Stay tuned for live podcasts and the incoming Listener Music Revue episode! Thanks for a great year, here's to the future ~


0.00.00 - Welcome Back! + News
0.10.38 - "The SNAFU Principle" from Prometheus Rising by Robert Anton Wilson
0.19.26 - "Paydirt" 
0.23.02 - Discussion begins
0.44.57 - "Gilded Wilderness" 
0.49.25 - Discussion resumes
1.06.32 - "Holy Ghost Fire" (Live at Mono)
1.13.40 - Discussion continues
1.29.31 - "Goodbye Blue Monday" (Live in Brooklyn 2007)

ep 36.jpg

Episode 35 - Jimmy Griffin of Renaissance Records

I'm joined by the venerable Jimmy Griffin, a local encyclopedia for music high, low, and everywhere. He works the counter at Renaissance Records in Birmingham, and we go for the record chat on music heritage and life-learning. A wonderful, warming conversation for these chilly times. No ado! Just you! All credits are used in good faith for the dead.

Renaissance Records:  2020 11th Ave S B, Birmingham, AL 35205

Flusnoix Mix Set (Vi 7/72) Joel Switzer, Taylor Rouss, Walker Yancey, John Paul Case, Jimmy Griffin, Jess Marie Walker, Brent Stauffer, Jacquie Cotillard

0.00.00 - Welcome, News! //
0.00.36 - Invocation of Ra //
0.03.35 - Opening Monologue //
0.05.38 - Flusnoix Mix Set, VI 7/72 @ SRB //
0.14.50 - Opening Credits from "Space is the Place" by Sun Ra //
0.16.36 - Interview with Jimmy Griffin //
1.22.25 - "Kijiti" by Siti Mwalimu and the Dhow Countries Music Academy, Zanzibar, Tanzania //
1.24.20 - Interview continues //
1.57.38 - "Frisco Lines" - Mississippi Fred Mcdowell //
2.01.32 - "Long-Haired Doney" - Johhny Wood, RL Burnside //
2.07.12 - "My Phone" - Rollo //

Dhow Countries Music Academy:  facebook.com/dcmazanzibar/

Jimmy Lee Sudduth: https://marciaweberartobjects.com/sudduth.html  

Country Brass Bands: https://www.discogs.com/Various-Music-From-The-South-Vol-1-Country-Brass-Bands/release/2880325

Cold Mountain Poems (Gary Snyder): http://www.counterpointpress.com/dd-product/riprap-and-cold-mountain-poems/

Rollo: https://rolotony.bandcamp.com/album/ep

BHAM WIKI: http://www.bhamwiki.com/wiki/index.php?title=Charlemagne_Record_Exchange


Episode 34 Pt. 1 - Milton of THEM NATIVES (and much more...)

This man Milton has had a varied career and an expansive experiences in the fringes of rock n roll, and he has emerged blessed, motivated, and shining from the glow of worship. We speak for almost two hours about the mysticism of music, the underlying structures of our collective meaning, and what exactly it is about valleys that collects eccentric people with excessive energy. One of my all-time favorite conversations. Features music from across Milton's journey, and you can find much more of it below:


Stay tuned later this month for part II, with Robert Anton Wilson analysis and more music!

0.00.00 - Introduction + "A New Breed of Rat" - Silver Reich
0.07.52 - Interview Pt.1
0.38.47 - "Awesun (Mighty Sun)" - Burning Moon
0.46.49 - Interview Pt. 2
1.16.53 - "Ancient Mem'ries" - Them Natives
1.36.46 - Interview Pt. 3
1.51.20 - "A New Breed of Rat" (Reprise) - Silver Reich



minisode N - Frozen Yogurt Plays the Podcast!

I was blessed and moved to have these instrumental crafts-folk in the studio to record a unique performance for this special episode. I encountered Frozen Yogurt at a storage unit show featured on minisode K and didn't get much of their set recorded on that night. It seemed fitting to have the real thing in and get it from the source. Enjoy! You can see them live this Friday night at the Soft Rock Bungalow with myself (Jacquie Cotillard), the Dizzy, and illustrious KYLE the band. 


0.00.00 - Message from Our Sponsor (TM)
0.00.57 - December Dates
0.01.59 - Frozen Yogurt Performance
0.36.23 - Interview


frozen yogurt.jpg

minisode M - ANTIFEST Promo Playlist

This is a minisode dedicated to the good people of ANTIFEST 2017.
I'm sharing this anti-playlist curated by Lindsey Shante (Pushi, Little Girl, Helen of Coi), for the fringe music anti-festival created by Chance Bridges (Balcony View). I sat down with both of them in the pre-festival days to speak with them about this undertaking.

Come to Season of the Witch, the third installment of BIRMINGHAM ANTIFEST, sponsored by Revelator Coffee, at Art Town Station: 7611 1st Ave N, Birmingham, Alabama 35206

Facebook event: https://www.facebook.com/events/1589311711163674/

The Earth Hotel will be presenting a live podcast at the real evnet featuring bizarre sounds and guests Shannon Ellis (Matchi, poet and artist), and Celeste Pfau, (multidimensional artist).

0.00.00 - Brief intro and dates
0.03.52 - "Solitude" - Balcony View
0.11.56 - "Golden Me" - Prism Lord
0.15.17 - "Ghosts" - Captain Kudzu
0.19.30 - "Mission" - Minerals
0.26.48 - Interview with Curators Chance Bridges and Lindsey Shante
0.56.10 - "Sludgehammer" - Agriflex
1.01.27 - "Lost Together" - Vice Right
1.06.38 - "Safe Area" - Empathic Window

mini M antifest.jpg

Episode 33 - Loi Loi (from Washington D.C.)

The voice has come back and it tells us that there's a new episode of the Earth Hotel. You know that now, however unlikely it was you made it here without knowing that. The voice does not lie. This week we welcome the duo Loi Loi to the city of Birmingham, the Red Mountain's own melting valley, and they found it to their liking. The electronic pair made a stellar impression on the folks of the Syndicate Lounge, and we sat about within the Soft Rock Bungalow for an interview about their debut EP Viva la Vulva, which you can preview here and truly hear below.


Dec. 6 @ Art Town - Antifest - the Earth Hotel Live! w/ Shannon Ellis and Celeste Pfau
Dec. 8 @ SRB - Frozen Yogurt, KYLE, the Dizzy, Jacquie Cotillard
Dec. 9 @ Art Town - Jacquie Cotillard performance at The Beautiful and the Hideous
Group Show #17
Dec. 15 @ Location TBA: Earth Hotel Christmas Party and First Lobby Podcast
Dec. 16 @ Revelator Coffee - EH Live! at Indie Pop Up Record Shop
Dec. 19 @ Nick - Steel City Jug Slammers, the Dizzy, Queer Ren Faire Dance Party,
Poppy Fields
Dec. 29 @ SRB - Top Shelf Burlesque w/ music TBA

0.00.00 - The Raving Radio Relcomes You //
0.02.23 - Opening Statements, Announcements, Dates //
0.15.14 - LOI LOI: "You May Be" //
0.19.12 - & "Responsibilidades" //
0.22.05 - EH House Band: "Crumbly Cabaret" //
0.23.59 - Loi Loi Interview - Kristie and Johnny //
(break song: "Habit That Kick Man" - JC archive) //
1.16.35 - Poem from Re/Act (yr 70) - "Swim in the Road" //
1.18.20 - State of the Show news //

episode 33.jpg

minisode L - All Boy All Girl from the Syndicate Lounge (X 21/72)

What a long time happening! The emotive phenomenon that is ALL BOY ALL GIRL visited the Syndicate Lounge to deliver on their promises to move us with the feeling. Enjoy this consortium of their talent, both live and straight from their album SLUGROOM here:

Stay tuned for Earth Hotel live podcasts throughout December and our positively blistering series through Season Four in 2018/73!

minisode L all boy all girl.jpg

Episode 32 - RADIO CULT & PURE ED (ATL)

My heart goes out to these purveyors of fun and the rollicking life from Atlanta, and to the proper heroes at the Syndicate Lounge in Birmingham. Enjoy this jam-packed episode and keep coming back for the musical musings.

Radio Cult are: Ricky Zhero, Jay Jay Slotin and Bambie Lynn.

Pure Ed is Jason Cope, joined by Ricky and Jay Jay.

16 - Possum Kingdom Ramblers @ Galactic Quest 6pm, Lawrenceville, GA         
18 - Wizard's Ball, Atlanta, GA
19 - FRIENDSGIVING: PKR and Bean & Bear 3pm @ Darwin's, Sandy Springs, GA
24 - GHOST STORY Open Mic hosted by Ricky & Bambi at Hawg & Ale, Peachtree Corners, GA
25 - Pure Ed with Learning to Count (Ricky's Ramones Tribute Band - Bambi filling in on bass guitar!) and Elzig (Elvis/Danzig) @ Sweetwater 9pm, Duluth, GA


0.00.00 - The Earth. The Earth. Welcome. 
0.01.39 - "Lies" - Pure Ed
0.04.43 - "Saturday Midnight Double Feature" - Radio Cult
0.06.59 - Interview with Radio Cult
0.29.30 - "Get Out of This Town" - RC
0.33.52 - RC Interview pt. 2
0.44.08 - a message from Born with Catheters
0.45.38 - RC: "Space Cat"
0.48.26 - "Jet Black Heart"
0.51.09 - "Under the Sun" - Pure Ed
0.54.16 - Interview with Pure Ed
1.34.47 - Pure Ed live: 
                "Punk Song"
1.36.36 - "Maggie"
1.38.53 - "HATE"
1.42.33 - "Wine and Dine"
1.44.45 - "Downtown"
1.46.42 - "Rock and Roll Whore"
1.46.37 - "Fish Fishy Fish"
1.50.34 - "Work Sucks"
1.52.58 - "Paperback High"
1.55.37 - Post-show Group Chat

Episode 31 - Miss Mojo (NOLA)

A week brings us a new grasp on life's softer corners and murkier motions, and this week in particular is full of music that moves all bright and sharp and full of warmth. See BELOW:

Miss Mojo:

Miss Mojo are: 
Jenna Winston VOCALS *** Piper Browne VOCALS *** Cody Greenstein RHYTHM GUITAR ***
Rob Kellner KEYS *** Leo Skovron BASS *** Mack Major DRUMS *** Ashton Hines TRUMPET ***
Jeremy Phipps TROMBONE ***

Fuiste: https://fuiste.bandcamp.com/
Fork and Spoon Records - Panama City, FL (Non-Occupants: No Traveler Hath Returned):  https://forkandspoonrecordings.bandcamp.com/  

Nov. 5 -     the Dizzy at the Moss Rock Festival
                 Radio Cult and Pure Ed with Dos Amigos at the Syndicate
Nov. 18 -     the Dizzy appears at Charlemagne Records + Release of Fuiste's "Iceman"
Dec. 1 -     the Dizzy with Loy Loy and Sun Eyes (Stare into the Winter Sun)
Dec. 6 -     Bham Antifest (Live Earth Hotel Podcast + Live Born with Catheters)
Dec. 19 -     the Dizzy at the Nick with Steel City Jug Slammers + Poppy Fields + Queen Ten Faire Dance Party
Dec. 22 -    Earth Hotel Open House Christmas Party
Dec. 29 -     Burlesque and Born with Catheters Live at the SRB (music TBA)

Sat. Nov. 11 - Wax Fur w/ Virgo Sadness + The Pierres + The Mcryatts @ SRB
Sat. Nov 18 - Lee Bains & Glory Fires + GT + Dommel Mosel + Bad Example
Tue. Nov. 21 - Loi Loi  "Viva la Vulva" Tour at Syndicate with Matchi + Pink Pyramids + Sonder

0.00.00 - The Earth Hotel Sonata acoustic demo //
0.01.07 - Opening Message and Dates/News //
0.13.13 - “I Could Be Free” (improv from Boothouse Halloween 72) //
0.18.49 - “mini hands” from Fuiste’s new EP Iceman //
0.21.47 - “Feel My” - Miss Mojo //
0.26.07 - Piper and Jenna from Miss Mojo //
1.07.10 - “Woman” - Miss Mojo //
1.12.27 - Up Next Recap //
1.14.15 - “Steppin’ Out” - All Boy/All Girl Live! at the Syndicate Lounge //
1.18.20 - “Collapsing Reticulum” (improv from Boothouse Halloween 72) //
1.22.10 - “No Traveler Hath Returned” - Non-Occupants //

ep 31 miss mojo group.jpg

Episode 30 - Daniel Reagan and the Soft Rock Bungalow Crew

Last week, in the times before the second (third) coming of Flusnoix to the Earth Hotel, I spoke with the fellow that books the shows at the Soft Rock and the lovely folks that live within it. The next week, I fell violently ill and found time between my migraine visions and yelling at the moon to conduct a savage ritual to contact the astral secretary of Joel Nelson. I was rewarded with a inspired improvisation piece submitted from Horseysauce, California, whom we thank for their graces. You will spectacle upon a track from the doomed Cahaba recording bout, charred and wounded by my slowly melting computer, and a tingly release from The Murder of Jane Crow. Welcome again. and again. sleep. again. again. welcome again. again.

0.00.00 - "Nein - A Cautionary Tale"
0.01.31 - "Paralyzed" - The Murder of Jane Crow
0.05.29 - "that good good" - Horseysauce (Joel Nelson, git diddler/Dylan Burchett, laptop/Breonna Taylor, voice and electronics - Live from the Anus of Mills)
0.15.04 - Conversation with Daniel Reagan of the Soft Rock Bungalow
0.33.43 - A Spissial Message from Born with Catheters
0.35.14 - +Daniel Reagan continued+
1.17.51 - "Recovered Blackberry Jams  X I/72" - Cahaba
1.21.08 - Soft Rock Bungalow Folks (Shannon, Issac, Hugh, Daniel, and Tony Leon)
1.50.03 - "Recovered Blackberry Jams pt.2"
1.53.13 - "Ozymandias" by Percy Bysshe Shelley

(Soft Rock Bungalow not pictured: courtesy https://www.pinterest.com/mrgreenz/craftsman/

(Soft Rock Bungalow not pictured: courtesy https://www.pinterest.com/mrgreenz/craftsman/

minisode K - Dead Neighbors, Wax Fur, Frozen Yogurt LIVE

Earlier this month I ventured to a secret spot in Birmingham for a last-minute show swap with Dead Neighbors from Atlanta finishing up a recent tour, and two groups from our home beat; Frozen Yogurt, a raucous boom bap noise group, (from what I heard, arriving near the end of their set), and the joyously vicous Wax Fur. 
Tuesdays are for live show sessions and mix-match listening! More to come. 

0.00.00 - Seance with Dead Neighbors
0.07.25 - Frozen Yogurt (excerpt)
0.09.36 - Dead Neighbors
0.36.30 - Wax Fur

Find the bands here:



Frozen Yogurt are: Kenneth Noah and associates - - -
Wax Fur are: Jacob Boyd: Vocals/guitar; Jahad Cole: Bass/vocals; Sam Strickland: Traps/Vocals
Dead Neighbors are: Sebastian Marquez: Vox/guitar; Alex Addington: Bass; Sam Strickland: Drums

minisode k.jpg