Cut-up of Burroughs quotes/Russell-Einstein Manifesto

From Episode 15 - Taken from separate quotes by William S. Burroughs and selections from the nuclear weapons document drafted by Bertrand Russell, Albert Einstein, and others. (Full documents at bottom)

steps; the question we have to ask periods.
Write in pain signs / word taken to prevent a military contest
I have to say something for the fifth dispute between them.

We are beings, members of the species Man, members of this or that nation, doubt. 
The world is full of conflicts; learn to ask ourselves, 
not what steps can be taken to give military victory to whatever group we prefer, for there no longer are such
clear enough to be understood.

You have dirty money. Know who I am?

Ourselves is: what steps can be/cannot be furthered by a world
of which the issue must be to find peaceful means.

In view of the fact that in any future,
disposal of interests who are turning certainly, be employed;
and that, such you were granted an area for psychic world war, 
nuclear weapons will war; and we urge them, consequently;
weapons threaten the settlement of all matters. 

Urge the governments of the continued existence of mankind,
we publicly, that their purpose world to realize, and to

Placed your services at thee whose continued existence is in
America into a police state;

and, overshadowing all speaking on this occasion, not as
between Communism and continent, or creed, but as human to
think in a new way.

We have to take a life, divide into five year or sixth time I have to say it:
minor conflicts, the titanic struggle signs. 
Cut. Concentrate.
When above clear enough or must anti-Communism.
We have to learn development.
sold out department.
Enjoy your disastrous-to-all parties.