Poem/short written by JAC, read on air as part of Minisode A by a speech-to-text software that we thought sounded awfully sad. 

"I had a collection of items from each of my stunts. 
We started in college by wrecking nobody’s car.
I was love with him by that time after year together.
He had painted trailers at school where they kept him.
I had fifteen teeth and a few were my own and one was his.
We cracked a gas pump with a sledgehammer and had to leave.
I was looking for a helmet to kill someone with for the joke.
We had a collection of memories in factual reports and items.
I was stupid enough to keep the news clippings and crafts. 
We expected to go on until they shot us but he shot instead.
We jumped on train top to shake pubic clippings on stationers.
He hated pedestrians for being slow and irony for being cold.
I was learned to hate myself in the wake.
I, talking nothing, and nothings, in the cells two and three.
He was caught outside of the houses we found in the valley.
He felt as though nothing could conquer the silence to come.
We heard a thousand stupid angels acquiring doom in the heaven.
I had no ritual sense or compassion for not-bodies.
He held true to his prejudice against fear and politic hate.
He threw fire cabinets from windows at his only office spot.
We acted like cannibals in street to frighten young motherings.
I took home a chunk of his nose on the day we fell in love.
I could relax in his opinions and the whispers of thinks.
We watched ambulance go by with tight ears.
We redirected traffic with cones from warning areas and took tires.
We took garbage following garbage, debris of reaction he said.
I had mixed feelings, in salad, crafted in hellwomb, love.
We had a room together at the numerous motel.
We sat on edge of balcony five and eight and thought so little.
We crisped feelings of guilt on radiators. 
I was gluttonous in combination and dismay.
They never found a good reason for me to tell the people on TV."