A Cut-Up of Fundraising Propaganda from the Alabama Republican Party

   Senator Jeff Sessions will be guiding the Department / counting on the Alabama Republican / General. We couldn't be prouder! / candidates and other left-wing groups / responsibility of leadership to make good on our / Congratulations / ous dedication and focus, / war wages on. We already see the media and the / you rose up and elected / es. Alabama received / why we need you to continue to stand with us, by / the 4th highest percentage / You were a driving / Sustaining Membership gift of $25, $35 or $45 / Alabama Republican Party. Thank you and God / Party to defend them against the AEA, liberal Democrat / and return security, common sense and prosperity to / desperate to seize control in Montgomery. / Alabama Republican Party sponsored a team of over / So please remember that your renewed / team. Will you continue your vital support / makes our work possible. / of our Alabama Republican Party, and renew your / Sustaining Membership for 2017 with a gift / and our new President will be looking for our / $25, $35, or $45 today?  / Sustaining Membership in our Alabama Republican / elect Tump appoint a tried-and-true conservative / of $25 to our headquarters today? / U.S. Supreme Court... and dozens of federal / 
    We must also immediately enact middle class tax / (over, please) / threat of ISIS and radical Islamic terror, and renegotiate / to help Make America Great Again / Alabama Republican / Alabama and America. / my goal is to have every Sustaining Member / Donald J. Trump as / an Alabama Republican. All the credit for our / new governor, 140 members of the state / are crucial, so if you can possibly renew with / members like you who made it happen. / statewide and local offices. Each of them will be / good use. / These first few months of GOP control / agenda and deliver on our conservative promises / in Florida and Ohio to help win the White House! In fact, / a larger gift of $35 or $45, we sure can put it to / a single Sustaining Member from our winning doors! / By his side, our own United States / Washington, D.C. does business will / 
    Also, two years from now we'll elect a / Justice as the new United States Attorney / -ial interests are doing whatever it takes / legislature, and candidates for other important / of America that you made this and other stunning, / the will of the people! / have happened without your generous Sustaining / force to help him reach the White House, / But let's not forget we now have the / Looking back, it's clear to me and all / America. It was with great pride that the / promises. We won a decisive battle, but the / historic victories possible. None of it would / You know as well as I do that changing the way / Today, as President-elect Trump prepares / be a huge and exhaustive undertaking.
   The liberal spec / and our GOP majority in Congress dismantle the / to stop us. And the mainstream media continue to ignore / relief, rebuild our miliary, stop the / Democrats coming after our team! And that's 100 volunteers who spent over a week / bad trade deals to bring jobs back to / renewing your Sustaining Membership in the / will you renew your / Bless! / Party, and mail your 2017 contribution / Membership contribution to our Alabama / This is an exciting time to be / countries around our state. / amazing victories goes to Sustaining / P.S. Now's the time to dismantle the Obama / Our conservative agenda is ambitious, for America. To be successful, we can't lose / help to get it all done... / How exciting it will be to see President - / we can't wait a single minute to repeal / judges who will respect the sanctity of life and / fix our broken immigration system. / we must keep our winning team intact. That's why / to take the oath of office, our task is to help him / back on board by Inauguration Day. / disastrous legacy of President Obama.