"The Star-Still Anthem of (A)Isle THD, A. Company

This text was cut and reassembled from the entirety of the first and third verses of "The Star-Spangled Banner" by Francis Scott Key. All words appearing here were either contained in, or extrapolated from guides in the cut text source. A performance of this can be heard in Episode 9, at 28:39, and an analysis at 35:28.


Angled ban by the U.S. urges the land what is nigh,
the home at the (A)Isle THD, where my earnings,
spaltingly brighten o'er the cause of war --
underwear hydrogen and confusion parts --
was world-ending and why should ATL have sovereignty?
You see rocket-havin' hourly. 

Light bullshit burns less.
We hailed a home under/through the South.
Last good-luck,
leave you their flag.

Ripes and her was out; they does it.
Through the outsteps' pollutioners yet, 
our blood like germanium could save thee
of their foul found source language from the of-then.

No reference, you'll fly the glues
that hireling grave of the land swore;
terror of the Arikara, and home,
and of them; of the F-Dawns.

We're worse off; the brave, proudly, and the band
in a twilight e' the bomb til that band stave.

Proof of still stars, that thou and star-flight hero says,
"no wave watched he'd free streamin'."

Do brave the glare, who have tore their battery,
the A. Company. Who(s)(e) more?