1SB-1: “From the Basement of the 3rd Floor of the Earth Hotel”

Submission received via Letter Box 8/15/73_2018

"To The Occupants of The Earth Hotel,

2 hrs private. One night. His phone at his side when I entered the room. The least I could do was ask about the certain awkwardness of his position. A verbal response would have given me some leverage. Whatever it was, it was. The most I will say is that the room was about the same as any other room except the only door was the one I was standing in. The phone was still at his side.

From The Basement of the Third Floor of The Earth Hotel"

Operator Log:

1SB-1: From the Basement of the Third Floor #1 - ("Basement Man" _B)
VIII/15/73 - Letter - Received at Desk

[Depicting status of Rm. X. Presumably 3B (Basement), location X]
{1 Speaker: (_B, active agent -*unverified-, Est A_1-2 if active)
1 unknown entity: presumed human male, details X}

Notes: No response from Staff. Unknown currently if Ox. are guests/PX/PR
A_ believed to be 1-2 due to addressing of location within Letter.
At present, an unprecedented development.