3SC-1: “Rabbits That Live Here"

Submission received via Letter Box 9/15/73_2018

“I was running through the halls, a crossing network pattern, with two friends,
in a combative flee from an organized shady business group.

We ran, up a couple or a few floors, in a column, straight up.
I found a room with a chaise lounge and a sky-blue ceiling,
and laid down, (deliberately, but without a plan).

Then I was walking through an expansive land zone,
into a field of tall, brilliantly golden grass, the walls dim and distant.
One friend had been behind me, and I turned to tell them:
‘there are rabbits that live here’
and my friend was no longer there.

Now I had a plan.
Again, knowingly,
I laid down in the grass.
I slowed my breathing, and left my eyes just barely cracked to
gaze through fuzzy lashes.”

Operator Log:

3SC-1: "Rabbits That Live Here" - ("Rabbit" _C)
IX/15/73 - Telegram - Received in Desk Box

[Dream experience submitted via word receiver (Box) at Desk - Origin and Location X
Written as account in past-tense, undated. Narrative is seemingly unfinished.
Rm. X sky-blue ceiling. Prairie LZ, tall golden grasses. Unknown SZ.]

{Speaker _C accompanied by friends (XC1,2). Un-diff. and A_X.
XC1 accompanied _C through unknown transit from Blue Room to Land Zone and disappeared,
lending to possible desig. C1^ -*unverified-. XC2 location/desig. X
_C mentions "organized shady business group," believed to be PR from dream_C.
No corroboration from Staff observations.

Notes: _C is an interesting case. Potentially a powerful projector. Active Agent designation is not currently possible, _C suspended at A_1-3 for three reasons:

1) _C was able to navigate Stem Zone X without harm, and found Staircase X intuitively.

2) It is unknown from what level of awareness the decisions were made to lie down in
chaise/grass, and the outcome of such. Chaise action resulted in transit, which is
unprecedented. Potentially a powerful Active Agent, though desig. A_2-3 remains
suspended without further reports or observations.

3) It also remains unknown under what conditions the testimony was transmitted to Desk
Box. Account seems directed to a non-specific audience (past tense) and is clearly
written. How did this happen? A_1 remains possible due to this variable.