#3 - "Rabbits That Live Here" - Submission C-1

Submission recieved via telegram 9-15-73

“I was running through the halls, a crossing network pattern, with two friends,
in a combative flee from an organized shady business group.

We ran, up a couple or a few floors, in a column, straight up.
I found a room with a chaise lounge and a sky-blue ceiling,
and laid down, (deliberately, but without a plan).

Then I was walking through an expansive land zone,
into a field of tall, brilliantly golden grass, the walls dim and distant.
One friend had been behind me, and I turned to tell them:
“there are rabbits that live here”
and my friend was no longer there.

Now I had a plan.
Again, knowingly,
I laid down in the grass.
I slowed my breathing, and left my eyes just barely cracked to
gaze through fuzzy lashes.”