#12 - Trumpwatch Take 2

Oh the cauldron is simmering nicely and boy, is it getting hot in this investigation! David and Dylan of ICHFAA break down what they've been thinking as young citizens about this presidential breakdown. How could it go wrong? So, so wrong. 
Question of last week! Collusion or nah?
This question of the week: Is marijuana a distraction made by the devil or a creation of Jah?

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#10 - Journalistic Integrity (Reporters Have Feelings, Too)

After Dylan was forced to take a week off to deal with the breach of his data, David and Jacquie sit down with an anonymous guest, our very own Journalism Jane in the field, "Amy," who works for a local news publication, to discuss the ramifications of a world without truth. We get the firsthand scoop on what it's like being a reporter in the fake news era, and take some time to break down the recent popular posts in the Facebook group.

Thanks for joining us again! Despite poor health and madness on the production side, we'll be back in a weekly format with all three hosts to steer this wild ship we call democracy in the right direction, one question at a time. Thanks, Internet!

(Music this week was Witch's Wall Live from the Soft Rock Bungalow, not the album version. Stay tuned for studio versions of Witch's Wall's music very soon!)

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#9 - Kanye West Spesh Sesh with Jordan Rickerson

We've brought in an enthusiastic fellow to chat with us about the latest Kanye releases and controversy leading to up to them. Jordan Rickerson is an EH alum, appearing on our previous show Born with Catheters, and taking guest spots on Beers and Broads, and the Earth Hotel Podcast. We come to fascinating conclusions. 

Question of the Week!
What kind of music does Donald Trump listen to?

Stay tuned next week for a break from PC talk with a Group Chat and a(nother) Net Neutrality update....

#8 - Comedy: Do We Mean It? w/ Paige McBride of Beers and Broads

Paige McBride is a comedian in Birmingham and a member of the podcast duo Beers and Broads on the Earth Hotel Network. We thought this combined conversation might ease us into our ongoing conversation on political correctness, and we had a great time digging into the details of hecklers, onstage presentation, and personal lines of decency in comedy. You can hear Paige's show on iTunes or anywhere you listen to podcasts, and over here at the EH: http://www.theearthhotel.org/beers-and-broads/
We'll be back next week with another EH alum to discuss Kanye West and what exactly is goin' on there. See you soon, ICHFAA-teers!

#5.5 - Net Neutrality Bonus Special

This is mainly here to encourage you to call your senators and stand firmly on Net Neutrality, but you'll hear all that in the intro-talkin'. We welcome our friend Turner on to talk about it and the Signal app, and we're glad to have you back again to argue it out with us all. Links below will take you to ways to reach out to lawmakers in preparation for the Senate vote (May 16) on whether to uphold net neutrality practices which affect every consumer of media in the country. Thank you for participating in the democratic process and most of all for listening to ICHFAA! 


#5 - Net Neutrality, Data Mining, and ADS! ADS! ADS!

As the Senate vote to overturn the FCC's repeal of net neutrality rapidly approaches this week, the ICHFITES, (ICHFA-teers? ICHY-Fighters?) discuss the implications of this ruling, the cost-benefit of ads on the internet, and how privacy and personal information might be misused to benefit businesses and governments at great cost to us, the citizenry. 

net neutrality: the principle that Internet service providers should enable access to all content and applications regardless of the source, and without favoring or blocking particular products or websites.

If you would like to join the campaign to call/tweet/email your Congressional representatives of the citizens of the US, see the links below for more information on how to reach out and have this discussion. You all use the internet, and what that looks like going forward is entirely dependent on how we communicate our opinions to the FCC and Congress. Speak on behalf of yourself and free speakers everywhere. 


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#3 - The Gun Questions with Ted Hunt

Our cousin Ted joins us on this episode to discuss some of the details of the arguments surrounding guns and gun control, considering we've been through these discussions in the past ourselves. We'll be back next week with the fact-checks of the last couple of episodes and a new topic that is relevant to our complicated lives. Thanks for being here in the Ideological Thunderdome, ICHFAA-ers!

To join the discussion, look up the I Came Here For An Argument group and request to be added. TERMS APPLY

(Ted bakes amazing cookies on the side, HUNT'S COOKIES COMING SOON --- pictured here is one of his monstrously thicc Chocolate Chips, an adult cookie that's adult sized!)


#2 - Sexual Education with KC Vick

This week David and Dylan phone a friend from Montgomery, AL who works as a sexual health educator throughout the state. KC throws her knowledge and expertise at us and we agree on virtually everything. 
KC's NOTE: You can most definitely get a swab test at clinics for HIV that doesn't have to be sent off to a lab, with more immediate results. Get Tested!

Find the group! Search "I Came Here for an Argument" to request membership to the closed discussion group. 
Podcast page, Twitter, and Youtube coming soon!

Questions of the week!!!
Pull out or NAH? Tested or NAH?! The results, (for at least one), will surprise you!

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