#10 - Journalistic Integrity (Reporters Have Feelings, Too)

After Dylan was forced to take a week off to deal with the breach of his data, David and Jacquie sit down with an anonymous guest, our very own Journalism Jane in the field, "Amy," who works for a local news publication, to discuss the ramifications of a world without truth. We get the firsthand scoop on what it's like being a reporter in the fake news era, and take some time to break down the recent popular posts in the Facebook group.

Thanks for joining us again! Despite poor health and madness on the production side, we'll be back in a weekly format with all three hosts to steer this wild ship we call democracy in the right direction, one question at a time. Thanks, Internet!

(Music this week was Witch's Wall Live from the Soft Rock Bungalow, not the album version. Stay tuned for studio versions of Witch's Wall's music very soon!)

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