Inner Lobby 8IO-4: "Writing on the Walls (We're Still Waiting)"

In which your Operator awaits the Daytime Manager in an interrogation chamber, tells a spooky bar story, and writes his madness word weapon all over the walls and furniture.

8IO-3: "Writing on the Walls (We're Still Waiting)"

V/13/74 - Extracted Memory, Annotated by O - Date of Memory circa. II 13/74

Operator Log:

[Details O experience in waiting for the appearance of _DM in Interview-1^ and experiencing increased psy-op offensive pressure. In a brief monologue, O recalls an experience in the Union Shop Dance Club, speaking with an active dreamer named McCartney, in which the two watched themselves be broadcast on the club's dormant television set, leading to the discovery of the highly-unstable open-circuit viewing available through the television sets scattered throughout the hotel, and the installation of a portable set in the Lobby across from the Operator Desk. O comments on strategy and setting up means of defense, regarding what to expect of _DM, compares threat inside of room under psychick attack and outside under more brutal and obscure dangers, and prepares leximal defenses by writing random words on the door in a sigilic pattern, and spreading out onto the wall containing the door. He overturns the desk, continuing to write and speak words on the underside. At this point in the memory, extracted during a procedure at remote station HCF+, the inner-mind interference created by the feed-back weapon causes an unexplained channeling incident, which O gains control over with deep breathing, giving an OM chant as _DM entered.]