Episode 20 - Matchi and Analysis: "Invalid Litter Dept."

The dark, coy, and literary band (but in a good way) Matchi is here in the studio to discuss their work and our shared musical arty exploits. Matchi are an art pop trio comprised of Shannon Ellis, (poet, singer, sampler), Josh Karg (guitar, drum programmer), and Isaac Starnes (bass guitar). We're familiars as friends and showmates at Springfest and you might've heard Shannon last week with Jake Easter talking about that event. We get band history and two songs recorded in-house specifically as sneak peaks to their upcoming EP. This is a chocked episode overflowing with sickly sweet symbolism and tuning of souls.  

My art analysis portion of the show comes recommended by Kyle Weems. I talk for a length of time about the background, musicality, and bitingly effective purpose of At the Drive-In's song "Invalid Litter Dept." about the ongoing and unsolved femicide in factory shantytowns in Juarez, Mexico. A serious latter half to a beautiful show this week. 
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Jacquie Cotillard //

Listen to Matchi's first album here! www.matchi.bandcamp.com

At the Drive-In: "Invalid Litter Dept." 
Female homicides in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Female_homicides_in_Ciudad_Ju%C3%A1rez
"Remedies for Women of Ciudad Juárez through the Inter-American Court of Human Rights"

0.00.00 - Invocation from A Midsummer Night's Dream //
0.02.13 - Intro talk //
0.08.35 - "Down, Down from the Tree" (by JAC, read by Shannon Ellis) //
0.09.44 - Matchi, Live at the Earth Hotel! - "Breakfast" //
0.13.03 - "Suketo City" //
0.16.16 - Matchi interview //
0.47.36 - "Jacquie Gets Cut-Up!" by JAC with SE //
0.50.12 - "Strange Times in the Fourth Dimension" by SE, read by JAC //
0.52.24 - Analysis: "Invalid Litter Dept." by At the Drive-In //