Episode 19 - Springfest Recap & Bonus Controversy

Ahoy friends. It's been a wild and windy world here for this Jacquie, and I'm glad to say I'm back after the break with a clear head and renewed priorities to bring you quality programming for half the cost as before. This episode prominently features the final details of the Springfest 2017 held in Woodlawn, curated by my friend Jake Easter, Johnathan Patrick, and the crew of the Soft Rock Bungalow, namely Shannon Ellis and Daniel Reagan. Jake and Shannon sat down with me a few weeks ago to record this recap interview, and since then much strange and worldly controversy has descended upon the Earth Hotel. I address that juicy bit of disagreement with local folks at the time stamp below. Enjoy the show, we'll be back right on time Tuesday with music from MAMS and stuff in the Ham. Love to you and who.


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0.00.00 - Welcome to the EH //
0.02.08 - Artist’s Prayer by Alex Grey //
0.02.56 - Intro to Springfest //
0.09.04 - “The Seinfeld Song” - Dommel Mossel //
0.12.40 - “Magic City” - Future Primitives //
0.16.31 - “I don’t care” - Lady Legs //
0.21.07 - “Spades” - The Pollen //
0.24.26 - Interview: Jake Easter and Shannon Ellis //
1.13.14 - Bonus Controversy: My DIY Allegations //
2.14.44 - “Spirit of a Paper Clip” - Taylor Rouss  //
(from his upcoming album Finally Continuous)