Episode 18 - Andrew Glover, Montevallo Artist

I have been friends with Andrew since the beginning of my musical antics in Montevallo, over three years ago, back there in 68 AN. He joins me to discuss his current work in pottery and ceramics and our shared history. 

00.00.00 - Invocation /
00.01.35 - "The Gulch" - instrumental demo /
00.05.33 - Andrew Glover interview /
01.05.54 - "Sleepy Pilot, Live!" yr. 69 AN /
01.09.52 - "Armature" - by Arabada /
01.14.45 - analysis: "Bouncer See Bouncer" by Scott Walker
01.50.12 - Taylor Rouss from Born with Catheters, a new EH podcast

Thanks for joining us this week! We'll be back on Tuesday with a new minisode. 
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